Positive thoughts Positive Actions

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2011-03-17 14:25
Positive Energy

As we think so will be our behavior. There is a direct connection between our thoughts and action. If we think positive it will be displayed in our behavior and if we think negative and try to look positive that will also be displayed in our actions. I have seen people thinking negative and smiling in front of me and sometimes praising me but i know those words do not come from heart and you can easily make out how happy the other person is with your achievements. Its always better to be true to ourselves and never become a impostor. Have a positive frame of mind and think positive. Our body is never harmed when we carry positive thoughts in our mind, its only when we start thinking negative that our body undergoes stress and we become a victim to all possible diseases.

Why we cannot be happy when the other person who may be our competitor or our friend achieves something ? Why can't we praise them ? Why we brood and do back biting ? Why we stress ourselves and live unhappy lives ? The answer is that we want only our own success and if others succeed we feel jealous and this jealousy causes lots and lots of problems in the long run. Think from the other side if we were happy with others achievements or our friends achievements we would have been the happiest person on earth and our heart would be pure.

My elders tell me see Ram Dev Baba Pravachan everyday, it calms your mind. Yes it really calms because he tells us to concentrate our energy on something positive rather than negative. Why we people cannot change our selves and move away from negativity and concentrate our energy on some positive thoughts. Every person achieves according to the amount of hard work he / she puts in, then why brood. Lets be happy individuals and plan our success by having a specific vision and goal in life. Lets not do something because we want to copy someone and because the other person is doing and making money. No don't do that. Do what your heart feels is correct, what your mind says is good. Don't do something just to show someone how big you are, do something for your own happiness. Live for your and others well being.

Lets become positive individuals and transfer the positive energy and enlighten every human being by our positive rays.

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