Positive Attitude - A gift of Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2014-12-04 14:29
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Positive Attitude is the outlook of life. Positive attitude is the portrait of our inner self as to how happy or sad we are with the circumstances happening in our life or how satisfied we are with our life. We can develop a positive attitude by changing the mental images we hold regarding ourselves and others. Our whole life is nothing but a reflection of our thoughts and feelings which leads to action. Any good or bad action is the result of the mental images we hold in our brain. Everyday a lot of things happen in our life and we have to choose and then decide which energy we will be carrying with us throughout the day. Imagine you are ready about to leave for office when your 3 years old child pee’s on your shirt and you are wet. You were already late for the meeting which was scheduled in the morning and this event will only add to your problems. What do you do ? Friends you know you had no control over what happened but by controlling your reaction you still can go on and make things work for you. But if you react and scold the 3 years old and also shout at your wife for handing the baby at the wrong moment. You are complicating things and also sowing seeds for fight and anger at home. You know ultimately no one will be happy at the end. That same situation may happen again and again your sweet baby may pee on you but now you won’t react as you have learned your lessons from the first instance and with a cool mind go and change your shirt.

Now you see your reaction to the situation which occurred did not solved the problem but complicated things. You could not perform to your full potential in the meeting and you lost your client. You got scolding from the boss and in the evening when you reached home, the situation is tense. You are frustrated and angry and you shout more. But then what is the end result you are unhappy and there is unhappiness at home. You increase your Blood Pressure. Try to feel good and sleep at night and wake up in the middle to analyse the whole situation. When you give deep thought it is then that you realize that your reaction aggravated the problem which could have been solved easily. Just a small shift in the way at which we look at things can create a big impact on our life.

Attitude of a person is formed over the course of time. The events which happen in our life, thoughts of other people, parents trust, friends, society etc all play a big role in making us a person we are today. A positive attitude helps a person focus on the positive side of life. It is not that the person is living in a fancy world where nothing wrong would happen but the person has decided to stay positive no matter what the circumstances. They too have lots of problems but they decide to rise above them and solve the problems one by one. Negative people just mourn and curse everything in their life. They even complain to God for giving them more miseries in life and playing a fowl game with them.

It is high time for negative people to understand that they should develop a positive attitude. Carrying a negative attitude when you are feeling low or cannot take more of what is happening in your life is ok. But then you do not remain in that state for too long and overcome your problems and get positive.

There are few things which you can do to start you day with a positive mindset filled with gratitude so that you are thankful for everything that happened and you are ready to start the new day with a new hope -

1) I am a positive person
2) I will stay positive no matter what ever circumstances happen in my life
3) I love myself
4) God created me for a reason and i have a purpose to fulfill
5) Everything which happens in life happens for a reason
6) I am the navigator of my own ship of life
7) There are two side of the same coin. Either the situation will be positive or negative.
8) I love my family
9) I am thankful to God for everything he gave me

Always remember things will not work according to your plan but you have to adjust yourself to every situation. It is only by changing yourself you can develop a positive attitude. It will take years to change the other person or circumstances when they can fit you. But you can change yourself and create things for a better future because you have only one life to fulfill your dreams and so you cannot waste time.

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