Perseverance for overall success - Live it to know it

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2020-11-09 19:03
Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy

Every person has his part of the struggle. It all depends on which form. Your struggles can either make you or break you. There is nothing in between because life is an ongoing game. You either win or lose and there is nothing called half won or half lost. Never play it safe, you are either in it 100% or you back off calling everything bad luck. I too had my own misconceptions about life but a lot of them got broken after I took the holistic path of spirituality and learned from some of the known spiritual gurus about life. My hunger to know something is not satisfied until and unless I learn the concepts, apply them, and check what works for me. I never understood a lot of life concepts that I talk about or write about nowadays. It is only after my first marriage ended abruptly that I wanted to learn about the concepts of life because it broke me to the core. For me, my home was my world and when I love someone it is difficult to hate them. It is only when my home broke that I wanted to learn everything so that I became capable enough to manifest a life of my dreams and live it. The only thing which I understand about life is that the universe will give you everything which falls in alignment with your purpose, anything which is not aligned will not be in your life. It is all upon you as to how much acceptance you develop for your things going God’s way.

I am a girl who will go to any length to get what she wants. I was never too serious either about my life or my career and that is the only reason I did not get much success but then I don’t have complaints about it. I am a fun-loving girl, not too serious. I am a very satisfied kind of person. I never demanded much from life nor from my God’s but my plans for my life and my God’s plans for my life did not match and that is the only reason he shattered my entire life. After understanding the meaning of life for 4 years I am getting back to work and am planning to settle down again in my life. My life did not work even 1% according to my plans and I have no other option but to adjust to it. You have two options either you develop acceptance for everything that does not goes your way or live your whole life complaining about everything. The only thing which I understood is it is no use complaining. We are all mortal beings. You have the option to create a great life, work for your liberation, and not be born again on this earth because death is a cosmic joke. If you do not work on your liberation you will be born again and again and be entangled in the karmas of life.

I am not in a place where I wanted to be. I know a lot of people may be in the same place as I am. I have gone through so much in my life that I have got immune to everything. This is what can happen to you when your God wants you to live a path which you never planned for. I have faced all challenges regarding my health. I had uterine problems of endometriosis and adenomyosis. Heavy periods, too many pains in my lower abdomen. I have survived everything. In fact, I have lived those pains for 10 years. I cured it with my perseverance and faith. It is between me and my God and he knows what I can do when I put my mind to something. That is the only reason he got hold of me because I am not that serious kind of girl, not too materialistic with a big heart. My Ex-husband pained me so much but still, I don’t have hatred for him. My gynecologist gave up and just experimented with too many medicines to cure my uterine problems and when everything failed she just wanted me to get a hysterectomy done. I just stopped seeing my doctor and healed my body on my own. In fact, I persevered and healed my uterus through yoga and divine guidance. My God was always a part of my life. Previously he was just out of my sight and now he is in my preview. I don’t know how others will react to it but I can feel him.

I started facing problems with hormonal disbalance in the year 2016. The problem was so severe that there was too much inflammation in my overall body. The skin in my hands and bottom of my feet would just break and bleed. Doctors could not help me. I have lived those painful moments and have cured myself. I know what pain is and I also know the amount of pain I can endure. Nothing can break me because life has broken me to the extent that no one can ever imagine. I know when the time arises and I will need someone in my life and no human being stands for me my God will take the form of a human being and stand by my side because I have worked that hard on building my relationship with the man who changed my life for a lifetime. People call him God but for me, he is a living entity though I can’t see him he is there. I am still facing problems of inflammation in the lower part of my body and I think it is my Kundalini Awakening. I never wanted to walk this path but somehow I landed in this place and now I cannot back off. It is a commitment. I am persevering for something where I have zero knowledge and I am working 100% on my intuition.

For the first time in my life, I am understanding what true perseverance is when you don’t see anything coming but you are working hard for it and have faith that you will get success. The universe wants me to work on everything be it to get a good life partner, my career, or my dreams. I am working on my energy body because the entire universe is a dance of energy. Nothing is physical and everything is energy be it a thing or a person. Nothing is solid. You change your vibration, fall in alignment with what you want and you will get your desires. But yes the only condition is that everything which is aligned with your soul purpose will be in your life because your soul knows and it won’t compromise for anything and is least bothered whether something will hurt you or make you happy. It will just make things happen. Your life is not 100% your choice because man proposes and God disposes but yes you have the option of free will. How much you can access your free will depends on your own mindset and energy.

The universe will test you as to what extent you can go to get what you want in life be it for your career or your own personal life and when you have proved yourself you will get results. The life which I am living at the age of 41 years is absolutely new. I am learning and working on stuff that I never worked on before. The universe loves mad people. Whenever someone gets success you will see that person is passionate about what he wants and that is the only reason he gets it. I have worked on the Law of Attraction to such an extent that I can feel the vibration of my manifestation. I can see angel numbers and I know my life is going to change but the only thing is I am still not aware whether I have manifested everything the way I want it or the way the universe wants it. When you change your vibration you will attract your vibrational match. The universe has no other option but to present to you what you asked for at the divine time because everything has a gestation period. You need to have patience.

The universe will test you and check your commitment from time to time and only when it is rest assured that you are eligible for something that it will give you what you want. I can see synchronicities, repeating angle numbers and the new development is that now I can see master number 369 which is the divine manifestation code of the universe. You people will call me crazy when I tell you that in my wall clock which is numbered from 1 to 12 I can only see the number 3, 6, and 9 whenever I look at the minute and hour hand of the wall clock. I really don’t know what does that means but yes I have a feeling that my life is going to change 100% in the coming days. I can feel it. My God wants me to be mentally prepared for it and accept everything because I can’t resist change. Even if I resist something it will persist and I have no other option but to go with the flow.

I am falling in alignment with the universe because I can feel the shift in my energy though I do not openly talk about it I can feel it. My life has changed so much that I have to question myself is it me living inside my body or is it someone else who has taken over my body or I have raised my vibration so much that I cannot identify my new self. This is what spirituality can do to you, this is what your God can do to you. Whatever I do I do it with full commitment. I try my level best. I can’t reach a state of zero thoughts but I persevere. My God can see that I am trying my level best. I can see results though I am yet to go out and look for work on the energy plane I can see a difference. This universe is mysterious and is much more than what you can think of. The person whom you worship as God is a giving person and if he loves you he will move mountains for you. God is great.

I am trying to understand everything which never interested me before. I am experimenting with myself because to learn a concept you need to test it. When you focus on something too much you start receiving inner guidance because the universe has no other option but to help you show the right way. I don’t know what I am meant to create in this world but I think whatever it is I will know because I cannot go back in the past. What remains is the present and the future. I can’t go back and live the life which I left years ago. People around me get happy when they see me happy. They see what lies at the surface and they are completely unaware of how much I have gone through to create this new life and the amount of hard work I have done on me to balance my mind. When I want to give up because it gets too much my God cools me because they have made their decision. I cannot sleep on some days because my body feels pre-manifestation vibration.

You have got one life to live. Just go ahead and try everything. There is no question of failure but only success because if you are committed the universe will grant you success. I am yet to understand what this divine code 369 means. I researched the internet and learned a lot about it but now I want to check and experience everything on my own because it is my life and I am going to write my own success story.

If you want something in life just walk the extra distance and those extraterrestrial beings will descend to help you. My dad says God is the one who plants emotions in our hearts for something which it wants to give to us and he is the one who makes us work on his own divine plan, he is the one who shows the way and he is the one who is working through human beings. God works through human beings in this 3D world. Those 5D species exist in this plane and are living normal lives just like you and me but are silently doing their work. If you can feel a different energy in a person then your intuition is right that person may be the one chosen by the higher powers so that they can achieve their goals through him.

God cannot be perceived by the 5 senses. You can experience him in zero states of mind i.e through nothingness. What do you want? Have you persevered enough for it? Ask yourself these questions and you will get your answers.

By the way, I completed my Karwa Chauth Vrath successfully by staying without food and water for 14 hours to get a great husband. It was all divine plan. I am feeling better today after I completed my pooja successfully on 4th November 2020. That was the last thing which was lying undone in my list and I ticked that off. Great, I pat my back. I am working on my health since the inflammation in the lower part of my body is again troubling me. I am not aware of what the future holds for me but I am working on my own energies so that I attract great things in my life.

Live a great life. Laugh more, don’t complain, don’t compare. Be happy. Smile, smile, and only smile, and when you laugh show your 36 teeth and let the whole world wonder what happened in your life. Good Night.

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