The Peace within to achieve our Sanity

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2015-11-07 06:39
Peace of Life

The question regarding peace always comes to my mind because that is something which all of us loses once in awhile. There is always a question arising “Where is my peace?” and how do I get it. It is very important to be peaceful so that you can grow as a person and let others grow around you. You have to let go of things and people in your life so that they can move ahead in life. We are born to grow and let others grow. It is only when we hold onto things and want things to be our way that we lose our peace. There will be people in your life who will try to mould your life according to their wishes and will want you to live their way. They will interfere in your life every now and then and take away your peace. You have to break free from these people. Do not resist something because “What you resist persists”. Just concentrate on what is most important in your life and things will fall in the right place. No one can bring tears to your eyes until and unless you allow them to. It is you who has allowed your breach of peace and it is only you who has to get it back.

I remember so many events from my own life when I lost my head to things because they did not work my way. But think that few things don’t work your way because they are meant to be so and God wanted it that way only. There will be “N” number of times when you will really want to change everything thing in your life so that your sanity was restored. But you cannot change everything in your life. What you can do is increase acceptance of whatever exists in your life and find out the best possible solution for yourself. There is nothing called right or wrong. When you ask the same question to your own self and get the same answers again and again then you are right. What is right for you may not be right for the other person because we all are different. I think there are few problems which you have to sort out by sitting alone with God because she is the one who created you and she can help you in taking the right decisions. She will help you meet people in your life who will help you solve your problems and even hold your hand and help you reach your goals.

I am a very spiritual girl and my faith in God has only strengthened with time and I know she is always there for me. Everyone in my life may have excuses for me, but she will never have one. I can pour my heart in front of her and she will silently listen and give me solutions. I find my problem solutions by reading books and meditation. Find your solutions by being near God, she is the biggest reality of life. When you are near God you will always have peace within you and you will never ever be distracted away from your goals.

I believe we all human beings on this earth are here for a purpose and we will be born again and again till we complete the work which has been allotted to us by God. The problem with most of us is that we forget our purpose and want to just give happiness to our own selves. All the problems happen in your life for a reason and they are not meant to break you but to make you tougher because the path which God chose for you will require you to be tougher. There will be so many sacrifices you have to make so that you achieve one of your goals which you have set. It is ok, don’t bother but see sacrifice as “Replacing something of lesser value with something of greater value”.

Define your life and be prepared to walk alone if no one supports you to get your peace. It is sometimes very difficult to make other people understand your point of view. Don’t wine nor get angry because some people are meant to be that way only. I think they are a boon in our life because they help us become tougher by not supporting us. Do not complain about anything in life. Instead adjust and if you cannot adjust then break free from the person who is troubling you. We all never needed everyone in our life to give us peace though we think so.

I see so many people who are not at peace  and they breach peace of others life just because they are not at peace. There are certain ways of living and you have to understand that you cannot get everything in life. Think how unbalanced the whole earth would get if everyone got everything.

All health problems, work problems, personal problems makes you lose your head. There are few things which I did and would suggest the same to others. Connect with God who is the superior power and superior to everyone on the earth. It gives you peace. Write down your problems and find your solutions. When you get one then write them down too. Read books because so many people have written so many things for their peace and it will help you find your peace. Work brings peace and solace in our life. Think how bad life would be if we had nothing fruitful to contribute to. These things will definitely help you in getting your peace.

Create your own reality. The reality is what exists in your mind. Be happy and attract happiness not just for yourself but for everyone else around you whose life you touch by your mere presence. Make a small temple in your heart where you invite your God to reside and ring the bells of the temple whenever you need to connect with her, she will be there for you.

I know people complain that they don’t have enough time then how can they do all that puja and make God happy. You can be near God just by easy ways and there are no hard and fast rules for anything though many people created so many boundary lines for it. Practice simple ways and you will be amazed at the benefits. Get your peace and live a healthy life.

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