Patience and Faith to live the Best Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2017-03-29 09:14

A human life is a sum total of all the ingredients combined together. You need to have hope, Self Confidence, courage, faith in God, self-discipline, and patience to lead a good life. For the first time in my life, I have understood the importance of patience. You need to have patience with your family, friends and your own self so that you can hold on and not let go. There will be times when your patience will be tested to the full potential much more than you can take but then you have to be positive and then move on. Being a married lady with an 8 years old daughter I have learned patience through a bitter way. Life will never run according to what we desire. It will take its own course and what we can do is plan our stuff and give our life the best shot and leave the rest of God. I believe in Divinity. There is a strong force which helps us tide over difficult times when we cannot find a way out.

There were times in my life when I wanted to give up on my marriage because lots of things did not work. But then when I lost faith in everything God gave me the patience to sustain a little longer and think all over once again so that I could reconsider my decision. I would say everyone’s life is full of such moments when they could not accept what was going on and wanted to call off everything but then they decided to wait for the storm to pass over so that they could start all over once again. Life is full of ups and downs with all the topsy-turvy curves and motion but then we have to accommodate ourselves and live our best life. We have to adjust according to the circumstances, the circumstances won’t change so we have to become a good decision maker and decide the best for us. Don’t make any decision in a haste, have patience when nothing is turning your way. I have felt that when nothing turns my way God has planned a different journey for me and wants to create a very big change in my life. A change which God knows would be good for me and I would need time to adapt to it so he creates situations so that I can adapt fast and move on.

I have always felt that I was prepared for all the future circumstances in the past by the universe so that I could face it boldly with patience. Having patience with your spouse always works in your favor in the long run because all heated arguments create a negative atmosphere at home and you create a difficult life for everyone who are attached to you. Patience with kids helps us nurture them into good and strong individuals. They can make good decisions and face life’s problems with a calculated approach. They have learned this quality from you in their growing years. Children learn more from their surroundings than what is taught to them. Patience with your inlaws makes a good relationship. Patience with Boss helps you get a good promotion. Patience with friends and loved ones keeps them hooked to you.

I was a very impatient person before marriage. I was a pampered kid. Dad fulfilled all my wishes. I never knew the reality of life because dad kept me in the fantasy world. It is only after marriage that my fantasy world broke and I faced the realities of life. I have been learning all the lessons of life and I have learned something which I lacked the most before i.e patience. The deep turns and hardcore truth slashed all my beliefs and brought me face to face with reality. I know when I take the life of any other individual it is almost the same. But the best part is I have learned patience.

Don’t lose your temper even if you are growling on the inside because anger creates more of anger and never helps anyone. I know it is easier said than done but it is ok. Practice patience and you will have it. Hold on to your anger a little longer so that you create a good world for yourself where you can live happily.

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