A Path less traveled - Dare to walk into the Unseen

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2022-03-26 17:48
Tirupati Balaji

Life is much more mysterious than you know. I never understood the meaning of Starseed or the chosen ones until everything changed in my life. Better or worse I did choose it but never planned it. Every mystical experience which has started happening in my life after 2015 is something that gives me goosebumps. I pose the same question again and again. Am I a normal human being? Am I the same person which existed before 30th December 2015? Who am I? I can’t feel like a human being. The things which I dream for or plan are something that a normal human being would never plan or dare to plan. The path is unseen. How do you plan your life when you don’t know what tomorrow will bring in your life but you know you have to wake up and tune to the new frequency, get your instructions from the invisible realm and work on things which you don’t understand even 1%. It feels like I have started my voyage into an ocean that can be seen only by me and I can’t see the start or end of the journey but find myself in the middle of it. I can’t go back so I have no other option but to move ahead and see what's next in life. People plan what they are going to do two months from now and I don’t have any idea as to what tomorrow will bring for me. I am walking in a dark tunnel where my soul lights up the path and it can see what lies ahead but my real eyes and the conscious mind are 100% clueless about everything.

My mom gets mad at me as to what I keep doing for hours. How do I explain my so-called secret mission which the universe is meant to reveal at the right time? I can’t figure out where my life is going. The message which I receive from the invisible world when I ask too many questions is that I should just “Trust my Intuition”. Nothing other than my intuition can guide me. The soul knows. The frequency of my body is changing and I can very well understand that from the way the energy is shifting near me. I asked God just for 3 things and I don’t have any idea as to how it will show up in my life. The man whom I knew is gone so anyone who steps into my life will be a new experience for me so I am ok with that. I know all choices will be made by those heavenly beings who have taken control of my life. As I am progressing ahead in my spiritual journey it feels someone is taking charge of my life or I am transforming into a new being who is totally different from what existed a day before. It takes guts to walk on a path where you don’t know what will be presented the next day. Though I am not feared it would have been great if I had the idea of at least a few percentages. It feels energies around me have started speaking with me because they are giving me messages of everything which will be entering my life in the coming days. The message is given before the actual physical experience because energies travel faster than physical manifestation.

I have experimented with many things in the past and stuck to what worked. I feel everything was present in my system from my time of birth but it is now that I am being made aware of my true reality of who I am and what I am meant to do in the world. My insane dreams, I never talk about them with anyone other than my God because he understands me better than people near me. It sometimes feels like I am playing a part in the movie and everything is preplanned. Nothing is new. It feels like all the events had been planned beforehand and it was just waiting for me to awaken my true self which was lying dormant for a very long time. I am very well aware that till the time is right nothing will happen. You don’t meet people by accident but they are meant to cross your path for a purpose. The events which happen in your life move you closer to your true purpose. Just see my life. I was living my life and all of a sudden my marriage fell apart. Then I had many spiritual experiences. I did Mantra Meditation and after that all the spiritual work which I did is history. All of a sudden it came to my mind that I should try my hands in spiritual energy healing. I had no clue of what to do. I got a link for attending the Energy Healing Summit which I attended. After attending the summit I got so many of my answers. There were many people who had similar experiences to mine and they were narrating their own personal stories. It felt great after I listened to all of them. What should I do next was the question which arose in my mind and the answer came that I will know everything and should continue doing what I am doing now. Everything which is meant to enter my life will be there at the right time. I will learn what I need to learn. Right teachers will enter my life when I will need the knowledge and I don’t need to worry about anything.

Though so much was communicated to me but still I keep worrying because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring in my life. I am an easy-going girl to the extent that I don’t worry too much. I never worried as to what was next in my life and I was never hyper-ambitious. People always commented that I live my life like a child who is stress-free. Very satisfied person and that’s the only reason I caught the attention of the cosmic realm and whatever happened is now history. Staying with my parents was my last option. I did not want to stay alone and that’s the only reason I came back home. I don’t know what the coming months will present for me but I am ready to embrace the new life with open hands. When the universe is in the mood to give commands then it won’t listen to you anyway so it is better you surrender and follow cosmic guidelines. Everyone near me is too bothered about my life, especially my elder sister who comments on what will happen to me after my parents are gone. I said the universe has a plan for me. Sometimes I feel the universe does not reveal everything to me in one go but in bits and pieces so that I remain humble. I feel I am a better person today than yesterday.

My spiritual journey was very lonely. Once I awaken my body more I can experiment with other things. The otherworldly beings revealed that this is my last birth and I will get salvation after I am dead. Yeah, I am happy about it but there are a few works that need to be completed before I say a final goodbye to my life. I am preparing to fight battles which is unknown to me. The army of people who will be standing by my side who will be helping me in winning my battles as well as achieving my goals will enter my life when they are meant to be in my life. Just imagine if you are made king of a kingdom and asked to rule then what will you do? How will you take charge of everything which is not right or how will you correct the corrupt system which has existed for a very long time. Yeah, you need to work first on the cosmic consciousness so that the mindset of people changes so that it gets easy to work with them. Just imagine you want to change the mindset of people in your life span of 40 or 50 years. Sounds impossible right? But I know only one thing “With God everything is possible”. This cosmic world is very mysterious and I know that with just the support of two invisible beings my work will get easy. How I will make things happen? Or How the universe will work through me is something that is still not known to me but I firmly believe that the veil will be lifted in the coming days where I will get more aware of what the coming days will bring for me.

When I have put my faith and trust into the cosmic world then I know they will take care of me till I am alive. My intuition guides me to do everything which a normal person would never attempt. I try these things because I know no matter what I can’t die because this universe wants me alive to complete my work. In fact, they are the ones who push me into stuff that a normal person would never dare to walk. Would you ever walk on a path that is pitch dark where you cannot see what lies ahead of you? No, never. It is 100% insane to choose a path where you cannot see what lies in front of you but I chose that path. Your soul speaks a language that can be understood by other souls which resonates with yours. The universe will start speaking with you in a language that can be interpreted by your subconscious mind because the language we use was discovered by human beings. If you walk in the unseen world you will see that there the energies talk with each other but it has no sound. It is more of vibration rather than words.

Don’t over-plan your life because you never know what's next in life. Your plans may be crushed in minutes by the invisible world because it does not resonates with theirs so it is better to walk will sanity. The cosmos is undergoing massive change and the old system will break to pave way for the new system so a lot of things are going to happen in the coming days. There are so many things that have been planned by the universe so it is better you book your front row seats to watch the movie in full flow because if you miss the picture you will miss the thrill and keep wondering what is happening. I wanted to see “Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass” in the year 2019 but had to watch “Dream Girl” because there was some problem with the CD. In Dream Girl movie the hero disguised himself as a woman so that he could solve the problems of other people and I now understand why the invisible world wanted me to watch that movie. The dots connect.

Life is an unsolved mystery. Be happy and keep going.

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