The Path of complete Surrender - Trust the Divine

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-08-31 19:48
Complete surrender

The Virgo New Moon has happened on 30th August 2019. It is the start of the new divinely guided journey towards living the purpose of your life through the path of complete surrender to the divine. You always have two options in life either to trust your intuition and go with the flow or fear the unknown and hold back. You never know what is going to happen next when you choose a path which is unknown to you but then there comes a twist in the tale, if you follow the path of complete surrender and trust the divine that he will not only guide you in your purpose but also help you in living your purpose then that is called the best plan of God for a human being who is 100% prepared to walk on the unknown path with full faith that she will not only achieve her purpose in life but also enjoy the love of divine because that is how the superior powers have planned it for her. It is absolutely great when God plans your journey, plans every minute detail of your life and helps you live it and he is by your side guiding you in every aspect of your life so that you do not get mislead. Since the time is short and the work is huge he will work out most of the stuff and ask you to contribute where you need to because that is the only reason you are here. If he had to do all the work then why he would need you. It is because you are different, your energies are different, your powers are unique and it is your destiny that is why it is you who has to do it because no one can copy you.

When you want to start a new journey where you have no idea of what is going to happen next and you start off in a happy state of mind because that is how the higher powers want it to be, you will see that you will start understanding the journey and even enjoy it fully. When you follow the path of complete surrender you allow the divine to work through you for the greater good of humanity because you have the ultimate power to bring about the change. When you get ready and pack your bags to take a deep plunge into the unknown with the divine and have the trust that he is there with you and you both are the best companions when it comes to getting success then you will start a new journey with a smiling face. There are fears in the path of the unknown because you have no idea of the journey and you never did something like this before in the past. You need to overcome your fears, be strong-hearted and start your work because now there is no looking back. The seed of change has been planted in your subconscious mind, you know your true identity because that is something which has been communicated to you beforehand. Now you just need to have the courage to have faith and go with the flow even when you cannot see even 1 step ahead. Have faith that when the journey had been planned by your God himself for you then it will turn out to be the best experience and your work will get worldwide recognition, have faith that he has made the best decision for you. Just move on and embrace the new, go with the flow of change. Now there is no looking back at the past life which you had lived.

When you make up your mind and follow the path of surrender you humbly bow down to the creator who created you just as a photocopy of himself and is within you and outside of you so that he can work through you to achieve his ultimate goal for the upliftment of the entire world and bring about a sea of change by teaching everyone the right lessons on life, happiness, and spirituality, now that is what I call a life worth living. You make your presence felt by the work you do where you do not carry an ego neither do you think you are very big though you are 100% aware of who you are but still you are humble with even the people who took away your happiness is what is called the path of complete surrender into the divine. Trust the process and do not doubt it. Keep walking with the divine, you will meet people along your journey who will help you in achieving your goals. Your vibrations are different and your magnetic personality will attract the right people into your life who will help you achieve your purpose in life. Have faith that when you will need help, you will get help. When you have undying faith that everything will fall in the right place and you should not stop then you are living your purpose with a brave heart.

Big achievements are for the strong-willed who are ready to take the leap of faith. This faith helps them overcome unknown obstacles that cannot be seen because the divine has got mysterious ways of working. He will ease out the way and declutter your life so that everything falls in the right place. When you will sit alone, you will be able to connect all dots and embark on a new journey. The path of complete surrender is the path in which you give yourself fully to the divine so that he can work with you and through you. This is the path where you can be rest assured of 100% success but then you have to concentrate on your work and not be bothered about the results. You know that the results will be in your favor. No one can create problems for God since they know how they will find a way out of all the problems. Just take a plunge into the unknown where you have very little or just a vague idea of what to do but you know that you will know everything at the right time till then you need to put ahead your first foot to start the new journey.

It is very correctly said that the “Journey of 1000 miles” starts with s single step. So is your career where you have to put your first foot in faith and the rest will happen. If you keep planning about the whole journey than you are just daydreaming because plans do not get success without action. Your own karma is very important so keep achieving and keep doing. Follow the path of complete surrender where you give yourself to the process of change and hence welcome change in your life since you know that “Change “ is inevitable and you need to adapt to change. Trust is very important and when you will see your trust in the unknown divinely guided path you will take risks and even challenge your own limits.

The path of complete surrender by putting your trust into the divine will open up new avenues for you. It may open the gates of the kingdom of heavens so that you can achieve your purpose and inspire the whole world with your work, your teachings, your writings and by your mere presence. Sometimes you just need to be grateful for your life and be in the state of bliss rather than keep thinking about what to next. Have faith that everything will happen for your greater good and you just need to move from darkness to light. The gateway of personal power has opened up and it is now up to you how you make the best out of it and achieve your dreams. Give yourself fully into the unknown where you do not know what next but you follow the path of complete surrender with the divinity and have faith that your decision is right. It is you who has to make your decisions and start creating your impact by the work which you do at a global level.

Friend's life is too short to fear the unknown. Just go with the flow and write your own life story life story with golden ink which does not fade with time.

All the best for your divinely guided journey.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m