The Past which I don’t want to own anymore

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Past Hurt

Every person has a past whether it is good or bad and I would say each one of you owns it. When you look back at the events, situations or people from the past, the sweet and sour memories will either bring a smile on your face or wet your eyes in tears. Not every memory you own is worth remembering, some memories sound good when forgotten. You don’t want to hold on to the memories which makes you relive your past hurts and freshens your wounds which are healed and have left scars behind them only to remind you that it is there for a reason. Life is a journey where each one of us has no option but to keep walking because if you halt and decide not to move ahead you not only stop your own journey from progressing but you also pause journey of people who are moving with you and are meant to play various roles in the coming future. You cannot stop, your journey is not only yours but you carry the responsibility of other people who are also connected to your journey. You have to keep walking even if you are tired and looking back just adds more to your sorrows because whatever happened in the past is consuming your present and is also darkening your future. Your mind cannot see any positivity in any happenings in your life and you are walking on the path of life clueless without any goals and having no idea of your own destination. I know how difficult it is to cut yourself off from the past hurt which comes in front of your eyes and starts playing tricks on your mind. You start seeing the same people who have hurt you and you imagine them intruding into your present life. Though this is not the reality but you have created that as your reality by playing the same incidences again and again in your mind. Sad and bad things happen to everyone but that does not mean that you have no doorway to a better tomorrow where you are a better version of yourself creating a good future for yourself and for others.

You cannot get rid of the past and it is true that when you sit alone with yourself and look at your life some or other event from the past will come to life in front of your eyes and trouble you. The past memories which hurt you are something which lingers in your mind because the happy moments are soon forgotten, what sticks with you is the past hurt which wants to become best friends with you. The more you want to disown yourself from the bad past the more it will haunt you so the best thing to do is to make peace with it so that it does not bother you much. When you get used to something and do not attach yourself emotionally to it, you will see that no one can take away the peace of your mind, not even the person who left you in the cold and whose memories keeps coming to your mind again and again. The more you try to run away from whatever happened in the past the more you will drown yourself into it like a marsh which will totally swallow you without you being aware of it so it is better that you make peace with whatever happened in your life and take the decision to move on with your new life. You past which you don’t want to own anymore happened so that you could learn your lessons, your soul could grow and reach its true potential. Some life’s learning’s come in the disguised form of sorrows which takes away the peace of our mind so that we never forget what we have learned. We all have the tendency to forget the happy moments but the sad ones are always alive in our memory. The past hurt was meant to grow your soul and help it reach to the next level where it was meant to achieve much bigger tasks which the old soul could not. You evolve as a human being as you move ahead in your journey of life, you are meant to grow by life’s lessons so that you can reach your true potential and complete all the tasks which are meant for you in the future. You cannot say I am not ready.

You are prepared for your future events from the day you are born. Life will keep teaching you one lesson after another so that you can achieve that particular task for which you are born. Do not take tension, you will get help and guidance from people who are meant to help you in your journey so that you can reach your goal. These people are there to help you in the form of complete strangers who help you expecting nothing in return or in the form of your friends or family. Don’t bother much as to how you will achieve your purpose here on this earth. You will get help from all corners, the universe will keep an eye on you so that you can learn your lessons on the right time and achieve your target in a stipulated time. The past which you don’t want to own anymore shows you that nothing is permanent in life. You have the option to create a new future for yourself from scratches, the bad past will not return if you just develop acceptance for it thinking whatever happened must have happened for a reason. You start building your new life and create a present and future which you want to live which is completely different from your past. Rise above your past hurts and create a new world, a new horizon for yourself where people no longer connect you to your past. Your past will hurt you only when you let it do so. You have to accept the fact that it is your own past and you cannot disown it though at times you just feel like cutting your past with a sharp knife and just dissociating yourself from it so that it no longer burdens you. You want to cut your past and throw it in the black hole of the universe which consumes everything so that it can never return to attach itself with you.

Life is a big game when you start playing you are still learning but with the passing time you gain experience and play your good shots which help you in winning matches. Some experiences are bitter and some are good, all are meant to evolve you into a good player who knows which moves to take and which ones to avoid. You learn your game as you keep playing. You don’t have the option to quit or let your guards down saying I am done and I cannot play anymore. You have to play all your shots well because that is what you are meant to do. Keep playing, keep doing your good work, put your best foot forward and complete your journey of life along with the past whose memory you want to disown. Life is not so difficult but we create more problems in our head just by overthinking about all the negative incidences of the past and try to connect them with the present, thinking that the past will repeat again and take away the peace of our mind but that may not be the reality. Just try to be happy and keep yourself in good mood, happiness is contagious because when you are happy you attract happiness from all corners which gives you more reasons to smile, why bother about the past which is gone and will never return, why add life to all the healed wounds. Let your past sleep in peace, learn all your lessons from the past and move on to create a new tomorrow for yourself, a new day which you want to live with your face towards the sunshine so that you cannot see the shadows.

There is every reason to smile so go out and look for more reasons to add on to your smile. You sorrows will not haunt to if you just remember them as good learnings which were meant to enlighten you so that you can spread your light throughout the world by means of your teachings, writings, and your own presence. Never underestimate the power of human presence, if you can make your sweet presence felt to people around you then I would say you have fulfilled half of your purpose because we all are meant to touch each other's life by our presence. Your contributions which you make in the outside world matters and that is why you had to go through so much hurt in the past. Your past evolved you into a brave person and I bet you that you would not have been who you are if you had not encountered those pains which ripped your soul and challenged your existence when it happened. You should feel proud of yourself that you fought bravely and emerged victorious from those fights with scars which honors you. It is a very big truth and reality of life that you cannot disown your past and you have to carry it to your grave along with you, your past will be with you till your last breath so it is better that you make peace with it so that it does not interfere with your present and future.

All the best.

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