Our Life is Destiny Karma or Gods Will?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2017-11-22 15:53
Gods Will

This is a question which keeps coming in my mind again and again Whether my Life is something which is pre-written in the form of Destiny or it is my previous Janam karmas or God’s will which makes things happen in my life. Different people have a different viewpoint. I am here to discuss my views about life. I believe that our life is a mixture of destiny and God’s will. God will turn your life upside down so that you are shaken out of your comfort zone and are ready to fulfill your purpose on this earth. I truly believe that we all are here on this earth to achieve the purpose for which we are born. God prepares all of us to achieve our true purpose. The lessons which we learn from all the ups and downs of our life are teachings which will help us in the future. When the correct time comes we start facing one or other situation until we have learned all our lessons which will be needed in the near future.

God can make ordinary people do extraordinary things. I would say he polishes a normal looking stone into a diamond which shines and spreads its light. There are various examples of people who came out of their comfort zone and created history. I have seen people living great lives and all of a sudden their whole life changed and before they can understand what is happening things have already happened like sudden death, sudden change of behaviour of a person, sudden accident or sudden diagnosis of a certain disease are all examples where the other person is still in the state of shock as to what is happening around him or her. I am a very spiritual person and being a true Scorpio I am very intuitive and literally dig deep to understand the whole situation. I can understand a person’s true nature just by looking at that person. I know who is good towards me and who does backbiting. I have seen my whole life of 38 years in front of me how all of a sudden one after another thing happened and how I landed up in a situation for which I was never prepared but I faced it with a boldly.

I married a person whom I loved, though the love life was never a smooth one. Sometimes I question myself as to why I married him though I had other options. I have no answers to this. This is something which was written in my destiny. A plain court marriage. Being 2nd in my family I was the first to get married. Again destiny. According to rules, my elder sister should have been married before me. My married life was full of ups and downs. Now, what do I call it again destiny? Sometimes I want to do control z of my life and want to rewrite my life once again with a new being but is that possible “No”. I consider life as an event where we should enjoy what comes in for us. We all have different lives so no comparison. I believe if my life is prewritten and is going according to God’s will let me play my best role and let God feel proud of me. I enjoy my life. I have my own rainy days when I just want to be with myself and let all my pain out when things go beyond control but then again I am back to life. I have faith in God and I truly believe if we smile at life, life will give us all reasons to be happy.

God’s will for us or his decisions are the best for us. I have faith that whatever God will choose for me will be the best. I have reprogrammed my mind and changed my belief system. I have gone through lots in my life be it emotional pain or health problems and I have handled all with a brave heart. I never gave in to anything. I have gone through all the rough patches of my life and have smiled at it. I believe God is there and will help me in all possible ways. It’s his will which is operating and he is the one who wrote my destiny. I know he will write the best for me because we love each other a lot. I share a strong bond with the person (God) who has written my destiny and I have felt he has taken me out of all troublesome situation with a lot of ease. While others would have kept crying if they had faced what I had gone through but I could come out happily with a determined mind. God gave me balance in all the tough phases and gave me the strength to fight all odds.

Have faith that when God has taken something from you he wants to give you something better. A better life, a better friend, a better spouse or just a better experience so that you can live a good life.

Have Faith.

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