One life to live and one Goal to achieve - Accomplish It

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-06-19 18:17

God gave you one life so live it fully. Live your life and achieve your dreams. Live gracefully so that you do not have to repent later and go to your death bed thinking I want one more life to live my dreams. What’s stopping you, there is nothing in this whole world which can stop you from living a life of your dreams or achieving your goals. Every person’s goal is different so do not compare your life with others because that will only steal away your happiness. If you truly want to be happy just be yourself and live blissfully. There should be no if’s and but’s in life because the more confused you are the more problems you create for your own self. Some people want to be rich, some love traveling and want to explore the world, some want a big bungalow to live, some just want to marry the girl of their dreams and settle down with her. Every person’s dreams are different so if you are happy living your life and someone comes and criticize you for thinking small, you need not take tension and just clear your point of view to him. Every person has a different point of view and opinion so speak up when needed, rest of the time just listen and do what you feel correct. People will mock you, criticize you and even try to pull you down because that is what makes them happy but remember everyone is not the same. There are few good souls who will praise you for your bold move. It is your life and live it the way you want, no need to impress anyone. The more you try to live according to others the more they will try to control your life. Do not give your life’s control in someone else’s hand.

You cannot make everyone happy, some or the other person will complain about one or more things. It is absolutely ok. If you want to marry a girl and everyone around opposes that she is not the right choice for you. Marry her if you feel she is the best for you because even if you marry someone else you will never be happy with her so it is better to go ahead with your heart’s choice. You will compromise when needed because it is your choice and she is the one whom you choose for yourself, the girl of your dreams. It is better to make decisions for yourself or others will interfere and decide for you. If you are divorced and want to marry a man who is younger to you with whom you have fallen in love for the second time do so. Do not bother too much about other people’s opinion because it is you who has to make your marriage successful and age is never a barrier for marriage. When love is true nothing matters. People will give you “N” number of suggestions so get into the habit of listening because it is useless trying to explain your point of view to everyone. It is your life and live it your way. You choose a career which very few people choose because there are lots of risks involved just go ahead and do it. Even if you fail at it you will feel happy from inside that at least you tried and failed but if you are successful then there is no looking back. Just go ahead and achieve your goal, give it your best shot.

The biggest problem with most people is that they overthink and listen to other people’s opinion and when they get their senses back time has already passed. It is better to live today than regret later because future regrets will not bring your lost time back. It is better to think and act now rather than regret later. Even if time has passed and you are willing to take the risk and achieve your goal then I would say just go ahead and do it. You don’t have to look back because you will not get another life to achieve your dreams. There is nothing wrong in consulting people or taking opinions but in the end, you do what your gut feels is correct and I bet you, you will never be misguided. Your intuition can never be wrong because that is what the universe is communicating with you and sending you signals to move in the right direction. Life is too short to complain about and blame people. People who have hurt you needs to be forgiven because the more baggage you carry the more difficult your life will be. You need to shed your baggage and move on. Forgive, forget and move on. Do not try to take revenge and teach people a lesson if they have hurt you because that is not your work it is the work of God so let him handle it for you. Be rest assured justice will be served to you but in what manner you don’t know.

There is only one life to live so celebrate every occasion and wear your best dress. You need not spend too much money on anything, just cook your best food and eat at home or go out for a candlelight dinner. Make every moment memorable because you will not get another life to live so enjoy the company of people who make your life beautiful and meaningful. Express your love and say sorry to people whom you have hurt because you never know whether they will be there tomorrow to listen to you. Be happy, be cheerful, you came on this earth crying but you have the option of leaving this earth happily. Live a blissful life and spread happiness.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m