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Participant interacting with the trainer
Rashmi Priya delivering Training on ...
Rashmi Priya during training

Training Program on Parenting

I conducted training program on Parenting for mothers of summer camp students on 29th April 2012 i.e Sunday. It was one and a half hour session. The stage was set and participants were seated. I could roll my eyes and see people older than me in the group but i was really touched by their enthusiasm to come and participate in the session.

The audience was very silent at the start but as the training session picked its pace they opened up and questioned me about their day to day problems. I gave a whole new approach to parenting shifting the blame game and making room for new and innovative ways of teaching a child. We as parents or guardians are very good at delivering lectures and apply the same rule to our children. I made them aware of the boring ways we apply to get our message across to the child. How innovative we were as cook when it came to inventing a new dish but how repetitive we were when it came to handling our child. We repeated the same words almost 100 times in a day and yet expected our child to be cool and calm about it.

Learning by doing was the concept which i introduced and to allow the child to experiment. Give children personal space and not get predictable, to be more of a friend , work as a guide showing the right direction and not compare our loved ones with others. These are very basic facts but we tend to forget them in our daily life. It was as if i was awakening them towards a new path.

The program was very well received by my audience. They sat till the end and some even came up with their problems. I guided them. One lady in the audience was very excited and spoke till the end of the program. But she was really great. It was a great and wonderful experience.

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