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Training program on Stress Management at JCI Umred

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2011-11-22 13:00
JCI Umred training

I conducted training program on “Stress Management “ at JCI Umred. Jc Rajesh Vice President training and Jc Ravindra Misal contacted me for conducting the training program. Rajesh ji coordinated with me for organizing training activities and training requirements.

It was a Sunday morning on 20th November 2011 after the end of Jaycee Week. Participants were very less but they were very enthusiastic about the program. I conducted my session smoothly. They posed questions and participated very well. It felt great to reduce their stress and show them the path of managing their life.

One of the boys sitting in the audience asked my autograph. Yeah i was really very very amazed. I asked him what he will do with it. He told to remember this training program. I was very much touched and i conveyed my warm wishes along with the autograph. My trip to Umred was a nice experience.

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