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Best Reporting Award 2011

Best Reporting Award 2011

Rashmi Priya

It was indeed a great opportunity to receive award for “ Best reporting of training programs “ at Zone Conference held at Jharsuguda, Orissa, Zone 9, Jci India. It was a great moment for me. This is the first award i have received as a trainer in Jaycees.

I would like to thank Mahesh Rathi sir for giving me my first training program in the year 2011 at JCI Nag Vidarbha. Sujit Khandelwal, president of the chapter hosted the program very well. Thanks for the motivation and giving me my first break of 2011 Mahesh Rathi sir.

I would also like to thank Vasudev Ramtekkar sir, who took the pains to finalize training programs for me. Sir without your help it would not have been possible for me to reach my goal. Thank you sir.

Thanks to Lovely bhabhi who called me up and arranged training programs for me in my chapter. Bhabhi with each success i get more connected to jaycees and all my well wishers.

Thanks to Rajshree Madam ( Congrats madam for becoming Zone president of Zone 9 for the year 2012) , Vidhi ji, Manoj sherki ji, Dnyanesh ji, Anil Sharaf ji and all chapter presidents, Zone vice presidents, Zone directors and all my Gurus who helped me in all possible ways to achieve success.

A special thanks to my better half, my life, Vinay Kumar Yadav. It would not have been possible for me to travel such long distances for training program without your support and cooperation. Thank you Vinay for being in my life as my life partner and mentor. Beta Gauri Yadav i want to thank you too as you helped your mom do back ground work for all training programs. You played on your own and never disturbed me. Thanks Beta.

Thanks to all for helping me achieve this moment of success. Thank you.

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