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Rashmi Priya receiving Memento

Rashmi Priya receiving Memento
Outstanding participant receiving gift
Participants with their achieved goal
Winning team in the activity of Goal ...
Participants with their home model
Participants with innovative idea
Participants presenting their work
Best home model in the goal setting ...
JCI Gondia Kruti Patron with her team
My loving participants
Rashmi Priya training her participants

Trainer & team of Gondia

I conducted training program on Goal Setting at JCI Gondia Kruti on Sunday, 17th July 2011. The program was hosted by JC Kirti Ahuja, president of the chapter. JC Vasudev Ramtekkar , Zone Director Growth & Development was also present in the event along with Ashwini Sharma, President JCI Gondia Central. I traveled by Vidarbha Express train to conduct the training. On reaching the venue i was received by Kirti ji. I was really astonished to see a big lady audience on Sunday morning waiting for a training program. Wow what a level of commitment from a ladies chapter. Great.

I started the program with what are Goals ? And its importance in life. Types of Goals, day to day goals, career goals, family goals and children Goals. It was 6th time i was conducting a training program on Goal Setting, but here my audience were totally different. I studied hard for the program. I conceptualized a totally different program for them as i knew the goals of ladies are quite different from the working mass and children. My hard work paid. They listened to me with interest and even questioned me to clear all their doubts. I still remember one question posed by one lady – We balance both home and work but the society still points fingers on us. Yes that is a biggest problem faced by most working women. I told her to concentrate on what she was doing and one day the same society will shower laurels on her achievement. Being a lady i very well know how much hurdles a lady has to cross to do something in life. So i could understand her problem very well.

Sentences came flowing from my mouth and it felt as i was teaching them what i did and felt about my goals in life. It was really a memorable event where i opened up with my audience and they received my learning's with an open heart. I was really touched. It was a nice experience.

I would like to thank JC Vasudev Ramtekkar ji, JC Kirti Ahuja, Vinay Yadav, Gauri Yadav & my lovely participants for making this program a success.

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