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Welcome By JCI Lakhandur

Welcome By JCI Lakhandur
Participants of JCI Lakhandur
Participant during output session
Rashmi Priya during Training
Best Participant Of EPS

Training Program at JCI lakhandur

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2011-04-20 11:04
JCI Lakhandur

I got an opportunity to conduct training program on Effective Public Speaking at JCI Lakhandur on 16th April 2011. Dnyanesh ji, president, JCI Lakhandur arranged the training session with 21 participants. The participants were from diverse backgrounds comprising of teachers and government employees. There were few students of the age group of 6 – 10 years who voluntarily participated to learn about EPS. I was amazed to see their curiosity to learn something new and raising hands as i posed questions. I was touched by their innocence and team spirit. The audience participated very well and they came up with innovative feed back in the output sessions. A lot of them spoke in Marathi and posed a challenge before me to interpret and judge them. It was a great experience learning from them as well as training them on Effective Public Speaking. I was touched by their learning spirit. I feel we all should learn from them that its never too late to start learning and transforming ourselves.

Thanks Vasudev ji ( Zone Director Growth & Development ) and Dnyanesh ji ( President, JCI Lakhandur) for giving me this wonderful opportunity to conduct training program at JCI Lakhandur.

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