My Life as an Entrepreneur

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2007-05-30 18:15

Life had never been easy for me. Hectic schedule, long hours of work, no peace and lots of tension. After completing my MBA when i entered the business i saw the world here was quite different from what we have studied. No theories could be applied and only practical knowledge was required.

2 – 3 months passed by and i was still learning and people expected me to run. I couldnt come up to their expectations and so i had to work harder. It took 1 year for me to understand things and understand the depth of business.

Life was never easy some days clients late work delivery, some times server problem and sometimes hackers caused problems, Some times internet would go slow increasing the problem further.

Thus the problem never ends its upon the individual how he takes things and moves forward. Some feel frustrated and leave things in midway while rest struggles to move ahead.

There were few moments when i cursed God for giving so much sorrows and problems to me then i realised that God wanted me to teach few lessons before i reached the top. Because when i fall and again stand i will learn, if i missed those steps and reached the top in a single go nobody would have allowed me to stay there. They would have pushed me from there but if my base was strong i would not be blown away by winds.

Always remember that God teaches you at every step of your life its upon you to understand the problem, correct it and move further.

Never get frustrated in life you do your part and God will do the rest.

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