My work defines me - Am I Audible

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2016-05-05 19:20

The work which you do is an expression of your personality. Every person is not capable of doing all the work. There are a selective few who can lead and others fall in follower category. The leaders take the leadership position and lead and they need people to work for them. Every person cannot lead so it is absolutely ok if you cannot. The work which you do, networks you build with the people with whom your personality matches makes a big difference in your life. People know you by your work and they associate with you seeing your work. People will give you more work to do seeing your work history. Responsible people do responsible work and if you are one of them no one can stop you from reaching the pinnacles of success. If you are leading a company or working for an organisation, people will trust you and give you responsible positions so that you can lead and rise the corporate ladder. There is politics everywhere but good work gets recognised and people know your true picture.

Love your work and you will not have to work because you will enjoy your work which will be with you all the time. Your work helps you fulfill your purpose on this earth and also helps you in spending your time in the best possible way. Ever thought what would have happened if you had no work. You would have literally got bored. Work gives joy, brings peace but then you have to find the right place to put your effort and also check your satisfaction level. You will feel uncomfortable at the beginning but with time things will be ok. But if the work stresses you, you have to find out solutions. Talk with people, reach out to the right person, talk and communicate. I bet things will be solved. A lot of problems in corporates arises due to miscommunication. Employees do not reach HR manager and the most productive employee leaves because of a very silly reason. Let your work speak and make yourself audible. Like good deeds cannot be covered, good work is bound to shine like a flawless diamond.

Your work communicates nonverbally and the communication is very strong. When people start talking about you and your work, every person who had been stopping your growth falls apart because nothing can stop you from growing. But if you carry the notion why should I do good work when it is not recognised. Think twice, your excellence defines you and if you do anything below that level you are bound to reach the lower level. Grow your level of work and keep growing. If you wish to be CEO of the company, give your best shot and act accordingly. You are bound to get the position which you desire but the biggest criteria is first deserve and then desire. You have to grow up to a particular level to get what you want and with continuous hard work and hunger for more knowledge helps you in reaching that level.

What's stopping you from giving your best? I would say nothing. You are your own inhibitions. Do not cage your mind or your own self by the inner or outer negativity which creeps in from time to time. Look at the positive side of life. Your life is an expression of your innermost feeling. See good and it will express itself. If you see bad it will manifest itself. Along with your work, you too have to get audible because though silence speaks but then you too have to speak.

Work and let your work speak. Make your work speak loudly. Get audible or else you too will be left to lead a life of mediocrity. All the Best.

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