My Well planned life to become successful - Is it so simple?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-05-23 18:48
Proper Planning

We all plan our life. Planning occupies a center stage in our life. Though we may do a lot of planning but when the actual time of execution comes we get lazy or cut short our goals or make some modifications or discipline ourselves to reach our destination on time and be successful in life. You plan “A” and some crisis situation happens which may force you to change your plan to “B”. Everything which you have planned may not work. One or the other thing is bound to go out of work at the last moment and you have to make adjustments to handle that trouble. You may not be well equipped to handle that tough situation yourself, you can ask for help from people who are experts in that field. You can take their precious advice and implement it to come out of that messy situation and make things work accordingly. I would say there are very few things which work according to plan rest of the time we all have to make one or more adjustments to make our idea work. You sit in your office room and plan your whole future after 5 years or 10 years but when you actually start doing you face one hurdle after another. Does this mean that we stop making plans? I would say “No” even if everything may not work according to plan but when we have a skeleton ready we can work hard and put the flesh in it but when the skeleton itself is not ready we get confused at simple things. There is always over expenditure when you fail to plan a project or put your ideas on paper.

When you have planned every step which you will take then it gets easier for you to keep track of yourself as to where you have reached and how far you have to go. Planning is involved in every field be it our personal life, planning career of our children, planning travel or planning a budget to purchase new furniture or planning a project for our office. For example, if you want to purchase new furniture for your home then you have to check the pricing of the product. If the price is in your affordable limits, it is ok and fine but if the pricing exceeds your budget you have to save money throughout the year so that you can purchase that new furniture. You need a proper plan in place to solve a tough problem which exists in your office. An improper or haphazard way may give you success in the short term but for long term success, you need to put forth a plan which works. Just planning will not do you also have to work so that you know the loopholes and cover them on time to save your time and energy. Sometimes people get so busy with the problems that they forget that they have to reach their goal on time and that is the reason they planned ahead of time. You have to look for options if one thing does not work then try another, if a person who is responsible to do the work loses interest then it is necessary to get him to work. There may be employees who leave the project half done and you have to hire new people to get the work done on time.

When you have planned everything then you can measure how much has been covered and how much more work is left. You can talk to your client and take a date extension so that you can deliver him good work. It is easy to fall trap to shortcuts to get fast success but remember when you take a longer route you learn the process of doing work which helps you in the long run. You may get temporary failures but when you work according to proper planning and do not look for a shorter route you are bound to be successful. There will be some people who will try to pull you down, do not bother about them. With the proper planning, you leave room for fewer errors and that always works in your favor. When you do everything the right way then people can try to interfere but they can cause you no harm. A well-planned work should be executed properly because even if you do your best on paper, practical applications do cause one or other problem and you have to deal with them. On paper, you can make your business a million dollars company but that is not something which may exist. There may be few bad debts or your clients do not pay you on time or you take longer than usual to complete your work which increases your labor and other costs. There are so many things involved. One thing is linked to another. If any link is missing then you cannot move further with the work so it is important to check that there is no missing link. A person who has taken responsibility should be serious about his work or full planning will fail.

For example, you plan your life after 5 years with your wife but all of a sudden she leaves home and asks you for divorce. You were never prepared to handle this situation but now you have to face it. You have to face all adversities and your full planning will just crash in front of your eyes. But that does not mean that you should not plan. Make a plan but be prepared for adjustments. You have to make one or more adjustments be it professional or personal life. An unplanned life is disastrous so it is always better to plan and fail rather than not to plan at all. If you avoid planning you are bound to fail. If you plan your chances of success increases. When you plan you discipline yourself and work in a given time frame which increases your dedication towards your work. You do good work when you schedule all your work, this also helps you in adding your creativity which enhances your quality of work. So next time when you want to do anything just plan ahead and tune to your success.

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