My Sweet Trip to Tatanagar from Kharagpur

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2016-05-07 18:33

I am a person with a positive mental frame but there are times i do look for motivation and feel lonely. And these are the times when i face a situation head on and emerge successfully from every adversity. The only lack is lack of mental preparation, once i am mentally prepared no matter what the situation may be i can handle anything. I am someone who travels with lots of luggage so like it is much heavier than a normal person would carry. I had to travel from Kharagpur to Tatanagar (Jamshedpur) and i had to do it alone. My train tickets were confirmed and the only thing which was banging my head was was big sized bag. But you know the best part of life is that when we think we are lonely and left alone that is the time we attract help from everywhere or i would say the universe converges and helps you out in all possible ways. I sat in the train and got a good company of a lady who was travelling from Kharagpur to Rourkela and my journey was till Jamshedpur only. I chatted with her all the way and really i would say i enjoyed her company. She was someone who touched my heart. Though there are very few people in my life whose presence is felt be me but she was a lady with a charming personality and a ever smiling face. I still remember her face. Though we both did not ask each other's name but i talked at length about what her husband did, how many children she had, from where she was, where her inlaws were living, what she did, how was the weather at Rourkela, i would say everything. But i never asked her name and took her number. A travel friend who touched me.

She was more like me talking to me with an open heart and sharing what she felt. It is hard to find openhearted people in your journey and if you get one than it is the gift of God. I met someone like me after a long time. I like talking to new people and i would say i am the most approachable person and i enjoy every minute and second of my life. Not a single second of my life goes waste and i don’t have fixed criteria in life. I have the ability to know about a person's nature and if i can get someone like me, i am a good friend. I enjoy my life, work hard to achieve my goals and my happiness depends only on me. I enjoy company of like minded people. I love travelling, talking to people and am ready to help someone who needs my suggestion and help. I am a writer by profession so my work demands me to be very understanding and i be aware of the places i am travelling to. I have to mention as much details as possible so i dig deep if something interests me . Be it person, place or thing i literally do all my research work. Though i do not write papers like scientists and do not have to do any Ph.D but i am totally engrossed in my research and findings. I do find people who help me with everything and you call it God’s grace or the Law of Attraction but i do find good company and they help me out in reaching my goals. Here i would say i gathered lots of stuff to mention in my blog.

My journey ended in Tatanagar and she left for Rourkela. I bid her goodbye and did a handshake - A gesture which i usually follow because my right hand carries all sweet memories and I love shaking hands with people with a gesture of friendship. This was the first the time no one was coming to receive me at the railway station. My dad was having knee pain so i decided not to disturb him. My heart was little heavy when i left Kharagpur but then i got all my courage one i board the train. All my fears were left on Kharagpur junction and i was ready to face any situation. I found out the way to leave the railway station and looked for an auto to reach my home at Sonari, Jamshedpur. A lot of thought were passing my mind and i was still in a fix as to which way i should go. All of a sudden an auto person came and asked me “Kahan Chalna Hai Madam, Auto Lenge Kya” I said i have to go to Sonari, Near Ankur Apartment. He said “Ok” Rs 150 Madam. I said ok. Great i was literally very happy that someone found me and helped me out when i could not take a decision. I would say God keeps helping me when i need him the most and throwing us in adversity are his ways of showing us the right direction. I followed the auto driver and you know the best part is the heavy luggage which i was carrying with me and which was troubling me when i had board the train from Kharagpur did not bother me any more. There was no need for me to lift the luggage. I just had to take help of wheels and roll it along with me. Great. The supreme being was listening to my prayers and guiding me and other people towards me who could help me out with everything.

I left the railway station in the auto and reached my home happily. It felt so great. I cannot express that moment in words as all words would fall short but i was feeling independent, my soul was feeling liberated from dependency. Now i had the courage to travel alone and manage things on my own. But a very big lesson is learnt that you should travel light.

I simply LOVED my trip from Kharagpur to TataNagar. The whole world is full of kind people. Think good and you attract all those kindness. If you think negative you attract negativity. Be good, have a kind heart full of Love, you will get to meet right people in your life. Believe me this is a lesson of a lifetime. Some unkind people cannot take away your happiness. Show those unhappy souls who you are and they will not bother you. Take that big leap, face your fears and stand bold in adversity, let your problems know who you are are. The whole universe is yours, and what more do you want. Be happy. Stay in the state of Bliss and spread happiness. That is what i do wherever i go.

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