My Spiritual Awakening on 31st December 2015

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2017-12-05 16:02
Sri Laxmi Narayani Maa

Here in this article of mine, I am sharing my own experience with spiritual awakening which I was not aware of until yesterday on 4th December 2017 I saw a video which clarified that I have been spiritually awakened. It took me almost 2 years to realize that I have been spiritually awakened. I am a normal human being with lots of willpower and extraordinary determination. I have a strong feeling within me that I have been chosen by God for a very specific purpose and the time for its fulfillment has arrived. My life was never an ordinary life. It was full of struggles and health problems but I have survived all of them just with the help of divine.

I want to go to my past before I proceed with what actually happened with me on 31st December 2015. I am from a normal middle-class family. My dad and mom love me a lot. I am very much attached to my Dad and I love him most in this whole world. He is my Motivation and Inspiration in life. Whatever I am today is just because of my dad’s upbringing. He nurtured me into a strong-willed girl and it is because of him that I can face any odds in life with a brave heart. He instilled in me all human values. I never knew what pain was till I left his home and got married to the love of my life. When I see my dad, I see the best creation of God living on this earth. In Fact, he is God to all of us including me and my 4 sisters. Whatever may be the circumstances he stands as a rock behind our back and he is there until things have sorted out and all problems have been solved.
I had lots of affinity with snakes in my childhood days. I thought that to be quite normal since the campus in which we lived was situated near a jungle. My dad thought it was not normal and told me you are a gifted person born to fulfill a very specific task Rashmi. I nodded and said, “Ok Let’s see”.

My husband planned a visit to Lord Balaji Temple in Tirupati on 28th December 2015 and also visit Golden Temple situated at Sripuram. I did darshan of Lord Balaji and experienced a good feeling. It felt as if something within me had changed for the first time. My whole mind got blank and I could connect with the lord. Then on next day, we visited other temples in Tirupati. After that, we left for Golden Temple located at Sripuram. It is Sri Laxmi Narayani Maa Temple. I visited this temple on 31st December 2015 on Thursday. It is a grand temple and has got lots of energy. We met a tourist guide who helped us with the special darshan passes so that we could get a close view of Goddess Narayani.

After completing my walk on the footpath I entered the golden temple which is made of pure gold. I threw a coin in the water of the pond in the temple where all your wishes come true. Then I sat in front of the statue of Sri Laxmi Narayani Maa. The statue of Goddess was so eye-catching that I could not see anything other than her. As I was staring at the goddess I felt a very bright light surround her and after some time I felt that there was only a big bright light. I was stunned as to what I saw and really amazed at what had happened there. I did not speak about it with anyone. As I was still looking at the Goddess the tourist guide said it was time for us to leave. He handed over a photo of Sri Laxmi Narayani Maa with Tulsi leaves and we left the place.

When I returned back home my life had changed. I could feel things which I had not felt before. I could connect with all the photos of God kept in my home as well as animals. I was amazed as to what was happening with me. Something inside me had changed forever or you can call that I was reborn again in the same body with a different me. I have done Mantra Meditation in 2017 and I have felt God. I don’t know the eligibility criteria to reach God but I have felt a force which was from a different world and it surrounded me when I was in deep meditation.

I was watching a Youtube video yesterday and that is the time I realized that all those different feeling and changed personality was due to my spiritual awakening. I can see bright light around Gods when I connect to them. I have become very intuitive and I feel more connected to my God and to my purpose.

I share my life on this blog and I love to write and share my own experiences. I feel God has awakened something within me which was lying dormant for years. It was God’s will to awaken me from within so that I could change my life and also stand as an example for others to change their life.

I love God, I love my Dad, I love my family and I love my Life.

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