My only Wish ………….

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2015-05-29 14:16

Life is full of wishes and there is nothing i think which is left out from our wishes. Some are fulfilled and rest remains as unfulfilled desires. There is nothing wrong in wishing or wanting something but the best part is how hard are we working to fulfill them. We always want tomorrow to be better than today and sometimes yesterday is better than today. We want to live in those past days and forget the present which makes us live in the virtual world which is not a reality. Life moves on, time moves on. We cannot relive our past days so it is always better that we accept the present and work towards living a better life with the present conditions. when we are single we wish to get married, when we get married we want to relive that life when we were single. There are very less human beings who are satisfied with their present, rest either want to relive their past or spend their whole life planning for the future till they get old.

There is no end to wishes. One gets fulfilled the other arises and so on and on. There is nothing wrong in having desires but the problem is that we get so attached to the luxuries of life that we feel we cannot life without them but that is not the actual reality. Sometimes wishes leads to lust and there is no end to it. God gifted us this life to live for a purpose and not just to fulfill our wishes. There are so many people who can do a lot with what ever they have and with their present conditions but they are not ready to break their comfort zone and do something, why ? Because that is their way of life and it gets difficult to change and break the cycle. All our wishes will get fulfilled when we will do something to feel happy from within and not for showing off or out of jealousy. Our laughter should be pure and not to show others how happy we are. Face life head on. Come what may i am ready and prepared for everything, with that attitude we can life a great life and fulfill our dreams.

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