My only life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2014-10-28 14:51

Life is the most talked about subject. Everyone is interested in each others life and their own too. But the big question is “ What is life ? “ Everyone will react differently to this question. For some life is fun, life is responsibility, life is reaching new goals, creating history while for some it is about making others happy and living for them. No two people have the same opinion about life. But everyone will agree that God gave us this life which we can live only once and we cannot live the same life twice. The days, months and years which we have lived will never ever come back again and we cannot live them again as it has gone in the past, we are living the present and the future is yet to come.

Life is simple for those who live it with joy and simplicity while complicated for many who complicate small things and just wants to show off. Life will get a meaning which you give it. Its your life and you are the person who will decide its course and not someone else. Never get dictated by others, come what may, Stand and fight for your rights. Life is about creating happiness and being happy too. It is not about fulfilling one responsibility after another or burdening ourselves with all the pressure so that others can live in peace. Everyone has the right to be happy. God is with each one of us. When we are near our creator the bond gets stronger and life’s problems gets weaker because “When God is with you who can be against you”.

Daily problems stress us but then we have to choose whether we want to be happy or sad with whatever is happening around us. Take command of your life and try to solve as many problems you can and leave the rest which are not in your hands on time. Time will find a solution and hand it over to you. Sometimes our Silence and Action speaks louder than words. Our loved ones give us happiness but then they are the ones who make us sad too. Over expectations creates problems and we get trapped. Once we release all the negativity we get happy.

We always feel others to be happier than us and it is only when we walk in their shoes that we realize the reality. Life can get tougher at times as it never goes as planned, there are more ups and downs than we ever expected. The emotional turmoil, diseases and all nagging relationships makes life hell for us. We always have the option and choice which way do we want to go whether we want to fight or lose ourselves to all our problems. The choice is in our hands. God gave us this only life to live and create history so i feel we should fight with all the problems and become a winner rather than giving in or quitting. We can work hard to achieve the impossible at least there won’t be any regret at the last stages of our life that we never tried it.

Life is about own personal satisfaction. Something which satisfies me may not satisfy others that is the reason i wrote “Own personal satisfaction”. Your satisfaction is much more important than others. Until and unless you are satisfied with your own self you can never be happy. I have seen people trying to live their life in their children and this causes clashes at home. Our children are born through us but then they have their own set of feelings and choices.

We should never burden ourselves and others with expectations which can never be met. I have seen life’s meaning changing for me as i grew older. When i was doing Graduation i just wanted admission in a good MBA college. After i completed my MBA i just wanted to get a good job and marry my school boy friend. After marriage my priority was balancing home and work. Time passed and i got a baby and now she became my priority. I just wanted to tell how our priorities change with time.

Life is difficult at times and we feel burdened living it but then it is ok everyone goes through that phase and be sure either you will come out of it on your own or someone else will help you deal with it, just try to be happy and attract joy. For me my goals are my life. I feel satisfied when i am working to achieve my goals and am near my God. God gives peace. It is not about praying 100 times a day but just remembering God and feeling connected to her. Do puja, light diya, burn incense sticks it really helps calm your mind and senses and gets you closer to the divine. I have seen people who pray truthfully are the happiest. Pray for your satisfaction not to show off to others. Personal satisfaction will give you happiness and that will shoot up your career graph too.

Read books, get motivated, stop complaining and moaning. Live life full on. A single person can create a difference, why not try to be a different person than join the herd where there are many.

Give a good meaning and purpose to your life. Always remember God gave us this life to be happy and not sad. When you are sad read books about people who made it to the top inspite of all the problems and circumstances, it will help enlighten your spirits and you will feel you are in a better position than others.

Forget what others will think and say. You are here to live your life and not to impress others. Others will always complain but then you cannot satisfy all of them. Do what needs to be done and leave the rest on God. The creator will look after everything. Live and enjoy your only life.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m