My life my priorities - Be Original

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2013-08-05 14:16

Life is full of responsibilities and priorities. We all have 24 hours in a day and we need to tick what needs to be done and leave the rest. We cannot be everywhere for everyone but we can be somewhere for someone or for our own self. We have a choice when we have free time either to complete days work, watch television, spend time with family, read a book, party with friends or hook ourselves online and connect with the virtual world till we are awake. It is our own decision as to what we want to do with the present moment. Life works well when we are just ourselves and do not copy others.

Life is not a race which should be won till we are alive on this earth. It is a journey where we have to live and contribute to the society and our family without compromising with our happiness. Different people have different priorities and two people can never ever live the same life. Even God created every human being with different faces and different tastes. Two people can never be same in all the aspects, they are going to have some disparity between them. Nowadays people do not live their own life but they live someone else’s life. They want to be someone else and are not happy with themselves.

We really feel jealous when we are studying for an interview while the other person is partying and having fun. We too want to party and take that person’s place. We are not happy with our present moment. What we as human beings forget to understand that every person has got a different life. There must have been moments when the person who is partying now was going through a bad phase and is now partying. The problem with most of us is that we are not contented with what is happening in our lives and get unhappy seeing others.

Every person has got a different need and has different priorities. We get jealous when our neighbor purchases a big car while we still are holding on to a small car since ages. We cannot copy because the income and expenditure level is not the same for everyone. Some may be running profitable business since ages and is expanding every month while we may be struggling with our business and still working hard to break even. The situation is not the same for everyone so we cannot copy and expand just because the other person is doing so. We may incur more losses while the other person has enough money to run through hard times.

It sometimes happens that two friends starting the same business may be in different positions and the real problem starts when the struggling person gets jealous of the successful person. Two people have different strengths and weaknesses and you never know what made one person tick and why the other lost. I have seen people getting jealous over small stuffs. I would say look at the bigger picture there is enough for everyone but yes the timing is different for everyone. It is not the same for all. There is a lot which is hidden in the future for all of us and we can get that only when we have an open mind and work hard towards it with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Let us be original, why be a copy paste stuff when we can create wonders being original. When a friend is successful be happy for him or her and your life will also take a turn and they will be there with you in your success.

Two people cannot have the same priorities in life. A working lady, a women entrepreneur and a housewife has got different priorities. The thought process is different and hence their lives is bound to be different but if one tries to copy the other it will be really very disastrous.

My advice to all is just be yourself live your life with full enthusiasm. God gave us life to live by our own self not allowing others to decide for us nor trying to copy other people’s lives. Life is a learning process. We learn as we live, let us all add more good learning's to it and live a happy life rather than live an unhappy life feeling someone else is more fortunate than us.

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