My Life My Priorities

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2015-12-10 14:10

I am a person who does more of self-discovery and try to understand myself by the things I do, the decisions I make and the feelings I experience. Every person has a single life to live and you are the decision maker of your own life. The reigns of your life should only be in your own hands and not in someone else’s hand. Every person on this earth has been gifted a single life to live and no two people can have the same point of view on the same subject. We are bound to be different. Similarly, we all have different priorities in life. Never try to fit yourself in the priorities of the other person because two people can never live the same life. Important priorities can be anything from family, friends, relationships etc to work. Write down your priority list then number them from one to three, with one occupying the most important priority to lesser ones later on.

Your important priority can range from anything to family, kids, home and career. For some, it's the family first but for some, it is work first. It is absolutely ok if you are an ambitious woman and want to concentrate on your career first and family later. Other people may not understand you because they may not be on the same books as you are and no one can measure how ambitious you are from within. It is ok. Do your groundwork and move on. There is very little time to explain every single person as to why something is your top priority.

I feel it is the situations or circumstances which mould us as a person from the day we are born till our death, and these circumstances decide our priority list. Every person experiences different things in their lifetime and that is what decides the type of person they will be in the coming years. A lady who has gone through hardships will always concentrate on her career rather than anything. People do give suggestions, but then the opinions they give is from their experience. It is difficult for someone to understand your condition fully and then suggest you something.

I am an independent decision maker and when it comes to my life I will make my own decision rather than hand over the keys of my life to someone. People who are near to me can suggest me something, but then it is I who makes the last decision. Similarly, my priorities are my own and not decided or suggested by someone. I am me and not you, and when I am me it is me myself who has to decide my life. I have seen people handing over the keys of their life and happiness to other people and I have seen them suffering till the end. Hold your key and never hand it to anyone. Prioritize everything in your life to live a happy life.

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