My Inner Beauty adds to my External Beauty

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2015-12-24 15:06
Beautiful Lady

I always thought who is beautiful, a person who is just beautiful from outside or a person who is beautiful from inside. A person who is beautiful from outside may not be the same inside, but a person who is graceful from inside has an external beauty which is untouched. The whole world runs after external beauty which fades with time but when we love someone's inner beauty then it lasts for a lifetime.

A person who is beautiful from inside and outside too is an ignited soul whose inner beauty has transformed her outer beauty. These are the people whom we called beauty with brains. A person who is gorgeous from outside and has less grey matter than that beauty will fade fast with time. It is only the people who are beautiful from outside and has brains will rule. Gain knowledge adds extra feathers to your external charm.
It takes time to build inner beauty and that is not something which is built in a day. You help others, do good work, not to prove something to someone, but because that is something which is within you and is expressed all the time. Your attitude, your work and your behaviour all are extensions of the person you really are inside. Travel anywhere in the world you will always find people you are beautiful from inside to be most successful. Their success adds to their external glow and people get attracted to them.

I feel your external beauty is a gift of God to you. What you have to work on is your inner beauty and fulfill your purpose on this earth. If beauty and brains go together then a lady can do anything. She can touch the sky and set an example for the whole world. It is good to be proud of your beauty but then you should not trap yourself in obsession where you need the other person to tell you that you are really very charming. Do good work for your family and the people in the society which helps in their upliftment. It is not needed that you do social work for others to uplift. You can do whatever you are doing at your best level so that you grow and help others grow. When you as a person grows you set an example for others to learn from you and grow.

Be the best in whatever you do whether it is programming, teaching, social work, research etc. Work to your utmost limit, Challenge yourself and step ahead on a new ladder every day. I was really surprised when I started looking for examples of beauty with brains. Vandana Luthra - Founder and Mentor of the VLCC, Priya Kumar - Well known Author and Motivational Speaker, Aditi Gupta - Founder Menstrupedia, Richa Kar - Co-founder and CEO of Zivame, Suchi Mukherjee - Founder & CEO of Limeroad, Surabhi Dewra - Founder of MeraCareerGuide, Sara Blakely - founder of Spanx, Sheryl Sandberg - COO of Facebook.

There are “N” number of examples where you will find that beautiful ladies created history by doing great work which was just unmatchable. They are the ones who set the benchmarks high and stand as an inspiration for others to follow. These ladies who are successful in their own field show the world what happens when external beauty adds to inner beauty with extraordinary determination.

Get beautiful from inside. Outer beauty is a divine gift, be happy about it. Create a beautiful inner self and rule the planet. So beautiful ladies are you ready?

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