My Hitachi Air conditioner

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2011-05-19 11:56
Hitachi Air Conditioner

I purchased Hitachi Air Conditioner for home from Reliance Digital, Empress City Mall. It worked fine for one month and then i started facing problems of cooling. I called up Hitachi service center and they told me that they will charge for the services. Free service will be provided by Reliance Digital people and i should contact them for the services. Reliance Digital people came and told me that gas has leaked from the A/C , it meant that the unit was not installed properly. How could the cooling gas leak in just one month.

My problem is when such a branded company is reluctant to provide service it hurts. We purchase Hitachi A/C because of its brand name and good customer service. If the improper installation can cause so much problems i think this matter should be taken seriously and they should send their own professionals for installation rather than relying on third party for installation. Small issues leads to big
problems. And yes this is not a negligible problem.

If this is the situation then i think we should go with the brand which provides direct and good customer service and does not depend on any other service provider. I had a good image of Hitachi but now its shaken.

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