My connection to my inner self and my own spirits

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-05-30 18:49
Spirit Guides

You have a connection with your inner self and your own spirit or Jeev Atma which exists inside of you. The problem is that you connect with the whole world and you are left with very less time to connect with your own self or I would say our thinking gets clouded and we keep thinking that whatever exists is just outside of me and there is nothing beyond that. It is only when you walk the path of self-discovery that you find out that there is so much which exists inside of you and you need time to connect with your inner self and understand it to live a purposeful life. It is easy to keep living and do whatever we are doing right now with no idea of our true purpose in life or unaware of our full potential. It is only when you get calm and dig deep inside of you that you discover your true self which is unknown to you. You have to discover your true self and to do that you have to connect with your thinking, your beliefs, your realities, and your own body. It is the mind-body connection and nothing happens by chance but everything happens in an appropriate way and is meant to happen that way. Your own spirit which exists inside of you will guide you whenever you need guidance and help. Our Jeev Atma has the power to connect with Param Atma ie God which is possible through meditation where you control your thoughts and your mind.

When you understand yourself fully then you are fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You know your own possibilities and you are fully aware of your own capabilities. When you start using your power one by one then only you understand that there is so much hidden within you, your true self which is accessible only to you and is hidden from the whole world. You have limitless powers which only you can realize and harness them when needed and this is only possible through self-awareness. Only when you are aware and think that you are much more than the possibilities of other people’s thinking and imagination that you can achieve your true potential. When you establish a good connection to your inside then only all the qualities which you possess starts expressing one by one. You have the capability to do much more than you thought was possible by you. I have seen many people achieving the impossible who were considered just average by the whole world before they did something which amazed the whole world. You may look normal and may have normal features but your inner self is your hidden self which has lots of powers which only you can harness when you know you possess them and in limitless amount. There is no lack or scarcity, the more you use and harness your inner powers the more it will grow and get accessible to you. Once you understand your true potential there is nothing which you cannot achieve, be it the best of the things in the world or the best luxuries in the world.

You have to learn how to connect with your inner self and your own spirits which will guide you in the right direction. This is possible only when you find some time and sit with yourself in a calm frame of mind, do yoga and connect to God on a daily basis. I consider God as limitless power who shows you the right direction and even lifts you out of trouble. There is nothing which God cannot do and in the same way, there is nothing which you cannot do. You too have this limitless power to achieve impossible things only when you think you can and your inner self believes that you can. Your spirit guides work in the form of intuition and they will guide you in the right direction. You have to keep your mind open so that you can understand all the signals in the right way and harness that guidance for your benefit. Every person’s inner self and spirit guides are waiting to be accessed so that they can help you reach your true potential but the problem with most of us is that we keep on shutting them till they stop communicating and we start dominating them.

Your inner self loves peace and there is no room for hatred, anger or jealousy. The emotions which take away your peace only agitate you and you can never connect to your own self when you are unstable. It is only when you find stability and get balanced that you can connect to your inner self. Your thinking gets clogged and you don’t feel like doing anything when you are angry. It is ok to get angry but then you have to find out ways to calm down so that you can resume your own normal self which loves peace. You do not prolong your anger by displaying the same situation again and again in your mind. It will only harm you and will not serve you. It is only when you learn the best way of dealing with the worst situations in life that you can get back to your normal life and access your inner hidden powers. These inner powers not only helps you in dealing with your daily problems but also helps you when you need them the most in the troublesome situation where you cannot see any solutions.

Your inner self and your spirit guides help you in ways which you are not even aware of so increase your hidden powers and grow them by meditation and positive self-talk. You will find a better connection with yourself and others around you when you connect with yourself. It is only when you respect yourself that you start respecting others. When you harness your true potential you will know how to utilize it for your greater good and for the good of the nation as a whole.

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