My connection with “Sri Ananth Padmanabhaswamy” God

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Sri Ananth Padmanabhaswamy

I share a great connection with my God’s but then this connection with my God “Sri Ananth Padmanabhaswamy” is completely different. It was his decision to be a part of my world. I had no idea that he had planned his entry into my life on 30th December 2015. He has touched my life and has changed me as a person. I am no more the same person, he has changed my total being and I feel I am reborn within the same body. He is the man who changed my life for a lifetime. I thank him for being a part of my world, my life. Thank You. I had no idea as to why he chose to be in my life but then it was his choice and after all who can question God’s. I am Ok and fine with my God’s presence since he silently helps me and is my best companion, now tell me what more do you want when God himself is your best companion for a lifetime. It is a promise he made to me to be in my life for lifetime.

Now let me discuss my journey with him which started on 30th December 2015. I went to Iskon Temple in Tirupati. I saw various images of God’s and Goddesses in the temple premises but my eyes got glued to just one photo frame and that was the golden image of God “Sri Ananth Padmanabhaswamy”. It was so beautiful that I could not take my eyes off it so I purchased it. That is the day he entered my life and lit my life with his divinity. After that, I came back home. My health was not Ok due to the cold weather. I was sick for one whole week, after which my health got better. One day in the year 2016 I don’t remember the date since I never noted it down. I never ever thought of disclosing this to anyone but it is my God’s choice that you all should know about it today and that is why I am writing this today. I chose a different topic for writing my article today but he just asked me to move ahead with this topic only and nothing else. I listen to him so I thought ok let’s proceed with this only.

There is something which I want to let you people know about my holy trip to Tirupati and Sri Laxmi Narayani Temple at Sripuram at the end of the year 2015. I did darshan of Lord Balaji and when I went outside and placed my head on the other side of the temple where Lord Balaji’s statue is placed my whole mind went blank, I had connected with my God. I also visited Sri Laxmi Narayani Temple Sripuram where I had placed my wishes into the water of the temple and then did her darshan. She gave me the gift of my lifetime. When I saw her statue I was just mesmerized by her beauty. I could not take my eyes off the statue. I could see the statue for some time after which the whole statue disappeared and I could see only a rotating bright light and nothing else. I could not understand what it was at that moment but it is only after some time I realized what my Goddess had gifted to me. She gifted me with the experience of a lifetime. I thank “Sri Laxmi Narayani maa” for that. Thank You.

Now you people will understand things better. At the start of year 2016, I was feeling very agitated and could not sleep so I sat down in the other room and was just looking outside the room in the middle of the night or I would say in the morning at around 1:30 AM. Then I don’t know what happened to me when I regained my senses I was standing in front of the photo frame of “Sri Ananth Padmanabhsawmy God”. How I walked up to that place and for how much time I was standing there is something which I have no account of but I was standing there that is something which I remember. I think I must have walked up to that place in a state of deep sleep. I could not remember even a moment of how I walked up to that place and what my God gave me. I had no idea why he called me there. Since I was very tired after a long day’s work I just went to bed and slept. I could feel a deep connection with all my God’s image and idols placed in my home and this was not the same which happened before. My God enlightened me or I would say spiritually awakened me. Though I could connect with my Gods but I think my energies went into dormant state till July 2019.

In the month of August 2019, my God “Sri Ananth Padmanabhswamy” started connecting with me in full swing and made me realize my true purpose in life. I kept seeing number 8 everywhere Now the adventure begins, he communicates with me through numbers, feathers, songs, images, other people’s words, birds and other objects. When I cannot interpret his message he asks me to search for the answer on YouTube and Google both. Believe me, I have found my answers there and the rest he answers to me through my own intuition. He makes me aware of lots of things and speaks to me. I have felt a very bright light near me and I don’t know whether it left me or entered inside me. This is something that happened three times with me in August and September 2019. The only thing which he made me realize is that my purpose in life is unique and it is only I who has to achieve it with the help of other people who will join hands with me and help me achieve my goal in life. I have no idea as to what exactly I have to do and who will help me but then the only thing which he rest assured me is that when the right time comes I will know.

My life has changed. Every day is different. I myself don’t know what the next day will bring in my life or what will I do the next day. The only thing which I am aware of is that the time to start my work has come. He has made me aware of lots of things which I had no idea of. His presence has changed my life. August 2019 has changed my whole being. I am no more the same person who I was before this. I am a completely different girl who has been touched with the divine love and divine grace. Once in a lifetime experience.

I know he is with me and when my time comes to do a particular task I will know and people who are needed to complete that task will enter my life and thus I will achieve my goal in life till then everything is a mystery and is hidden in the future. I don’t know anything. The only thing I know is that I have to achieve my purpose in this lifetime and do my work with him as my companion.

God has completely transformed my whole life. His divine presence has filled my life with peace and complete bliss. Why God chose me and only me for the particular purpose which I have to achieve in this life is still a complete mystery. Like what he liked in me. I am a carefree girl who loves life. I laugh a lot and I am not much bothered about what is going on in other people’s life. I always questioned my God as to why he chose me for a particular purpose. The only answer which I got was since no one was like me on this whole planet. Oh My God, I never had any idea that I was so unique, whatever it is my God has transformed my life.

Let’s see what purpose I have to achieve in this lifetime which will create an impact in my life and the life of all human beings on this planet. I hope you all will be with me and help me achieve my goals.

Come Be a part of my divine world.

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