My Better Half My Best Buddy

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2015-09-10 15:50

It is important to have good relationships in life. We all try to maintain good relations with everyone who are close to us. I strongly feel that the bond of marriage literally ties two individuals with a single thread, though it is not visible to anyone except the two of them sharing the tie-up. It is a bond which gives you your best friend for life whom you can call your life partner or your better half. You are 50 % and your partner is 50 % and when you both are together you make complete 100 %. Two hearts uniting into one to share and care for each for lifetime is the biggest bond, after the bond with our God and Mother.

We just do not think twice before sharing what is in our heart or what we feel before them. God makes Jodis in heaven but it is realized on earth. life is really great when we get a good buddy and can be havoc if you don’t get the right person. Every relationship is sweet at the beginning but sours with time. Ask why ? Work, kids, home and all the stress which comes when we try to balance all. So how to make your better half you best buddy.

Lets discuss. I am writing something out of my experience since i meet so many people and when they pour out their hearts to me. I feel God, touch wood, my life is better than them. But how. There is a secret formula and i will tell you how. I am married since last 10 years. I too experienced all those problems which a woman faces at the start of her marriage. Compatibility problems, adjustment problems and all those expectations which comes when you get married. My life was hell and my husband, an entrepreneur by profession loves working day and night. Think how you would manage your life with such a busy husband and keep the relationship going. I fought initially then i thought over the problem and found out the best possible solution. I made myself as busy as my husband so that i had no time to complain. I started working, reading books and filled my time with all the constructive work which i could do.

Life got smooth and things started turning my way. The best part was both of us had no time to fight.

Life can really get tough if you too have busy partners. But then God gifted us one life so live it KING SIZE. It is never too late to tell your better half how much you love him or her. You may think it would get difficult to propose your partner at the age of 36. No just tell him/ her “I love you”, that makes your day. Present gifts like flowers or chocolates. It feels great to be pampered. When that significant person makes you feel special you feel great, at the top of the world. Everything seems easy and life starts flowing. You start living your relationship rather than dragging it till death.

Don’t get bored. Renew your bond everyday. As bathing and brushing are important so is expression of love for your Husband or wife. Think what you should tell her and speak. Nothing can get in between you and your better half when you both are committed to each other. You know this commitment saves you from distractions and gives you peace of mind. Sometimes other people express their love for you, though they know you are married and either you deny or get carried away in the flow. Your promise with your better half saves you from getting into extramarital affairs.

From the bottom of my heart i feel that God’s decision was right when he chose my better half and he is the best buddy i can get in the world. Satisfaction in a bond like marriage is very important or else you will traverse a road which will lead you nowhere and will make you feel guilty at the end.

Renew the Joy of married life at every stage of your life. Get expressive and speak up, the other person will love to hear from you.

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