Motivation - The backbone of success

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Motivation is a will to do something to achieve our goal. Motivation is the driving force behind individuals who wish to achieve something in life. Motivation is the driving force to get success and it distinguishes the ordinary from the extraordinary. The driving force takes the person ahead and helps him achieve the impossible. Motivation is required to traverse on a particular path. We need motivation at each and every step of our life. To do something, to complete a particular task. Day to day motivation is important in a persons life. A slight gesture, a warm welcome, a kind acknowledgment works a long way in motivating individuals.

A lot of people read motivational quotes to stay motivated, watch movies, have a role model in life to gain inspiration and read motivational books to stay motivated. Working professionals needs motivation to do their work in the best way. The motivation can come from superiors or self to do the best in the field. At last it is the work which will speak. Lic or insurance agents need to motivate their client to open up for purchasing an lic policy. How to motivate the clients – tell stories how a particular policy helped a particular person, be genuine, do not try to cheat, speak from heart, rehearse what you are going to speak and on top the most important thing stay motivated.

Your body language, your dress, your entire self should show that you are the right person to talk to. Motivation goes a long way then you have thought. If you cannot crack a deal and leave a positive note, it is most probable that if the particular person is not interested in buying the policy he may give reference in the long run. Build relationships they go a long way then you might have thought of. Build Bridges and not walls.

For motivation it is very important to communicate. A lot of things are interrelated when we talk of motivation. Motivation alone has no meaning unless and until it is combined with goal, passion, communication and the right purpose. Circumstances may or may not work in your favor but the thing is to move on and believe in yourself. Others may or may not believe in you, but trust yourself and take the step which your gut feel shows that you are correct. Don't stop you may or may not get external motivation from anyone. Move on. Do not do something to prove others but do something to prove yourself that yes you are capable of doing a lot and achieving a lot than you have thought of.

To get motivation and good results you need to walk out of your comfort zone where you were resting in peace. You will feel agitated and will have problems adjusting. But until and unless you vacate a place how you will acquire a new one.

Remember you need to exchange something in return to get a particular thing. Call it sacrifice or anything but yes you choose what to do and what not to do on a particular day that is the place where you motivate yourself and drag yourself towards a direction which is more closer to your goals rather than take a decision which moves you away from it. You need to add something every single day to stay motivated and on the right track. It is not that you attend a particular 2 hours class and are done that yes now i am motivated. It is an ongoing day to day process till you are alive on this earth taking your last breadth.

You need motivation to fight a disease, to stay away from exam stress and have faith that yes i can do it. Motivation will flow when you have goals in life and you are passionate enough to achieve them putting your whole energy into it. Have faith when you work whole heartedly things will move in your favor, stay motivated move on. Today might not be your day but tomorrow will come which will show the whole world who you are and what you are capable of doing. It is just believing in one self and sticking to our goals.

A lot of times i have discussed about communication. Why communication is important. When you want a particular work to be done by a group of individuals you not only need to motivate them but you also need to communicate them as to what is expected out of them. Just assuming things and allocating work without proper communication will demotivate the doers and they may not associate with you in the long run. You are doing a good work at a chapter level but remember right work with proper communication will move a long way and you will establish a good place and respect in the hearts of people and people will help you when you need them and even make you popular in their group. Right communication along with motivation goes a long way than you would have expected. No senior or junior, respect all and motivate them.

Remember a particular thing which motivates you might not motivate others. Each and every person has a different choice and different levels of motivation. Some might get motivated after getting a recognition while some may need a particular seat or position to get motivated to work. You need to understand and satisfy their motivational needs.

A book will motivate me but it may not motivate others. Do not feel low or belittle if you get motivated by small things and others get motivated by costly gifts. It is the taste and different levels of motivation.

Every person is motivated by some or other thing. Just understand their needs and work accordingly and see the wonders happening in your life and see the impact which you have on others life. You are important, you are motivated. Just believe in your self and move on. It is necessary to move on because sitting at our comfort zone is not going to bring motivation towards us. Be receptive to change. Change is constant and it will happen whether you want it or not. Stay in high spirits and accept things with an open heart. That is the only way to stay motivated, be cheerful and spread happiness. Not only you but others around you too will stay motivated and they will love to stay in your company.

Moron people and complaining people find it difficult to stay motivated. Try to adjust, things may or may not work in your favor but yes you can mold yourself and adjust to stay motivated and stick to your work and dreams.

Concentrate on the long term rather than short term. See the bigger picture to stay motivated rather than looking on the smaller picture. The long term vision will give you motivation and a fighting spirit to move on and on till you achieve your desirable goal and reach a destination which you had dreamt of for you.

Do not lose motivation when things do not work in your favor, when you are not able to get that expected promotion. Hold on, time will be in your favor when you stay motivated and work day in and day out to achieve what you had dreamt off. Stick to your goals, your dreams, and stay motivated.

All the best for your future endeavor.

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