Mind is the most powerful tool in the World

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Mind Power

Your mind is very powerful and you do not have an idea of it until you face a tough situation and you have to get out of it yourself. You will develop that fighting attitude and you will just look for a solution. You will not complain at that time but your focus will be only on fixing the current problem. You will not complain how tough it is to get out of that situation or you cannot do it or you lack the capability of solving the problem. Your entire attention will be on solving the problematic situation which you are facing now. You will look at the situation from different angles, consult people and take their opinions, get to the core of the issue and then come with a solution. When you go to the crux of the matter then only you understand what to do. Just a superficial look will not do, you will have to become a part of the team and come up with the best possible option. You have to get practical when solving a problem. You only understand your skills when you handle tough problems and find out the best possible solution yourself or with the help of others advice. When you take full responsibility for the situation and come up with what you feel is the best fix for the problem, you will make the best decisions. You have got a powerful brain which remains in passive mode until and unless it thinks. You have got strong thinking and problem-solving ability which you get to know only when you have to handle the worst of circumstances.

You know you cannot run away from the problem. You have to face it today or tomorrow. You also understand that it is better to face the problem today rather than procrastinate it tomorrow because it will magnify further and increase rather than decreasing. It is better to sort out the problem the moment it arises. At that time everything is fresh. When you linger more things complicate. If you are someone who did not handle everything on her own because there were other people to do that. But when you face a rough patch in life when the people who stayed with you leave your life and you are left alone to handle everything on your own, you will see yourself getting much stronger and your mind getting into a powerful problem-solver mode. Your mind works best when you face a do or die situation because that is the time when the best problem solver comes out of you and you yourself are amazed at your performance. Your mind power increases when you do deep thinking and concentration. When you put your focus on the problem you emerge as a good problem solver. Even the best solution oriented approach does not work if the other person is not ready to listen then your mind shows you how to get things done in a different way.

I was an entrepreneur but I had not done any bank work or had an idea of any other paperwork but when I was left all alone to handle the situation when I had to close one business and start another. I had to find out how to close the old company account? How to register your own new Proprietorship firm? How to open a new bank account in the company name? I would say almost everything since I was the only person at the start of my company Attitude School which is a soft skill training institute I handled everything on my own. I had to learn lots of things and I would say I am still learning. I am learning how to talk to people and gets things done. I have learned the art of patience and persistence when you have to wait for things to happen and you cannot control everything in life. Sometimes you have to give time to things so that they unfold in a good way in front of you. Previously I was a very impatient girl but with the passage of time and after facing unavoidable circumstances I understood the power of the mind. It is this mind which sets you apart from others and shows others how intelligent you are? You do not need to prove it to anyone. The moment you open your mouth to speak the other person knows how knowledgeable you are.

You can become successful within a short period of time with your intelligent mind and be a failure if you think too much. A person who thinks too much is not good at decision making because overthinking and underthinking both are dangerous. Prolonging a decision or making decisions in a haste are signs of a weak minded person because active people know that they have to climb one ladder after another and this is possible only when they take good and timely decisions. Your mind has the capability to convince a person, to hypnotize a person, to communicate with the universe. It has got lots of capability. Your mind serves you only when you know the best way to use it. Do not apply your mind into nonsense stuff or things which do not matter in your life. Unnecessary thinking depletes your energy and also gives you useless tension.

Your mind has the ability to live the past in the present and also the future in the present moment. When you try to remember what happened in the past you are actually playing the past memories in your mind in the present moment. It means you are making things happen now so it is actually happening for you now. When you want something to happen in the future and you are constantly thinking about it. It is happening in your mind now. Your mind cannot differentiate between the future and present. Whatever is going on in the mind is happening in the present, that is why people say when you want to attract something in the future think as if it is happening now in the present moment so that you get exactly what you want in the near future. This is called “Law of Attraction”. Your mind is a very powerful tool and it works in your favor only when you know how to handle it or it will work against you and take you in the wrong direction if you let it overpower you fully. Your mind should be disciplined to think in certain ways because a distracted mind would not lead you anywhere. It will only cause you misery and take away the peace of your life. You are productive only when you think with a concentrated mind. You can do good work when you have an open mind. You simply cannot pay attention to everything. You have to choose and when you make the right choice you focus on the right things which lead to a happy life.

When your mind is focused on one thing you lead a happy life but when it distracted you are unhappy because when you have too much time to waste, you tend to get bored and do not know what to do next with your life.

Your mind is never sleeping it is always awake and it has the power to find solutions even when you are in deep sleep. You can only tap into your mind power when you stay in a positive frame and work with full focus and concentration. Utilize the power of this wonderful mind and make happen things happen in your life. Do share your experience with me.

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