Mind Energy is Powerful Energy

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2016-05-02 19:32

Since time immemorial we know that like attracts like. Our mind which governs our thoughts is a huge energy magnet which attracts whatever is going on in our mind. Stronger feelings generate a high frequency which is sent into the universe and it fulfills our desires one by one. Our brain thinks and our heart feels. The whole universe works on the Law of Attraction. Whatever is going on in our mind we are attracting that into our life. Our thoughts and feelings give more of what is going inside us. We have heard that when we have scarcity we should concentrate on abundance and not on lack. When we concentrate on lack we attract more of that, but when we concentrate on abundance we see more of abundance everywhere and attract that into our life. This does not means living in a virtual world or day dreaming but this means that when you focus on something with full heart and soul you are in fact directed in the right direction to fulfill your purpose so that you can get what you want or the universe fulfills your desire by showing you the right direction.

Sometimes some of our desires are fulfilled while rest of the times they are left unfulfilled though we may try very hard for it. It is nature's way of showing us that we need to change our course or put in some more effort or add something more so that we can get what we want. There are so many things which we have but we concentrate on those things which we lack. I would say it is a human tendency. We human beings are not fully aware of the power which our mind possess. We have the power to do anything just by concentrating our mind and focusing on just one thing at a time. A concentrated mind can do wonders while a distracted person is incapable of achieving anything in life. Even a mediocre person can achieve the impossible while an intellectual person may be fighting to achieve his goals.

I have seen people sticking spoons on their body by the concentration of their mind. Balancing 4 balls at the crown of their head by mind energy. Historic sadhus sitting is state of meditation and samadhi for years without opening their eyes though years may have passed by. Such is their focus that even changing weather and nature cannot distract their concentration. We need to focus on just one thing. We have to give meaning to everything in our life. When you attract the best through Law of Attraction you have to live in that best moment so that it becomes a reality and you attract it. Our mind has got lots of energy and it sends frequency into the universe according to the thought process which is going inside our head. So to attract good virtues we need to have a loving heart with a clear focus to get what we actually desire in life.

Our whole body is governed by the mind and our life is a picture of whatever is going inside our mind. Positive people live great lives while negative people struggle with everything. Give a meaning to your life by your own self. You cannot control the stars or your destiny but yes something which is completely in your hands is the present day which is yours and you can change your coming days by your positive thinking. That is Karma and it plays a big role in a person's life. You can change your destiny by your thinking and good karmic actions.

Our mind is a powerful tool and God has given us all immense power. The power through which we can achieve anything which we can dream of. The only criteria to achieve our dreams is to work in the direction of our dreams. Even scientists cannot solve mysteries of the human mind, such is the power. I have seen people who have created history just by extraordinary determination and hard work. Life is the same for all and some have to undergo much more pains that we have gone through but there are only a few who write their destiny by their own hands.

Use your mind energy to attract what you want in life. Be true to yourself and see the Laws of Universe working in your favour.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m