Milestones for the year 2012

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2011-12-16 14:58
A new life

2011 is going to end and we have to gear up for the year 2012. We have to welcome it with both hands. The fate may or may not be in our favor but with our hard work and dedications we can change things around us. It is a time to stop complaining and start living. Rather than finding faults and getting angry , it is time to cool down and concentrate on the most important work which was lying pending since long. Train your mind.

Now is the time to take a new year resolution and spend time fulfilling it rather than sitting back and mourning over the lost time. Purchase a diary. Write down all your resolutions for the year 2012. Then cut down unimportant points. Now make the list again. Keep it at a reachable position near your study table or drawer or cupboard from where it can easily be pulled and read.

Read it again and again. Program your mind and work accordingly. You will see miracles happening with you. The least important tasks will not grow in your mind and you will be fully occupied with you goals. Feel them and visualize them as getting accomplished by you. Your confidence will increase, your morale will get boosted, you will feel in complete charge of yourself. Now you can do anything. Just anything which was not possible before, but can be converted into a reality now.

Wow that is the power of dreams. Programming our mind is very important or it gets infected by procrastination virus which eats up our whole year leaving us empty handed. Your list can have anything from big to small things which you feel important. Do not consult others here. It is your list and your ideas just write down your mind. There can be a difference of opinion when you talk to others about your list. They may or may not agree with you. So make a list, think over it and start working.

You need to lose weight, get a good job, get good results or end a bad relationship. Do it now. It is time to start now or never. Life is too short to just think and procrastinate. Decision has to be taken and you have to accept full responsibility of your decision. Work hard, prove yourself. Now or never. It is very well said “ When you want success as badly as you want air, you will get it, there is no other short cut to success”. So friends do not look for short cuts and give your life a boost this new year. Let us all welcome this new year 2012 with a new resolution and long vision.

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