A memorable moment to last for a Lifetime

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-06-14 18:08
Memorable Moments

There are various people in our life whom we meet for the first time and after that, we never meet again and in those moments they leave a long lasting impression on us. Our life is a sum total of feelings and experiences. You feel for someone in a good or bad way and you experience moments which either brings a smile on your face or saddens you. What you do with the best moment which comes in your life is absolutely your choice, you can either make it the best moment of your life or let your problems steal your joy. You need to keep in mind that the same situation will not happen again and you cannot go in the past to experience that moment again so it is best to make the best out of it so that it becomes a memorable one. Even if you do not have the best dress to wear for the best moment you can do with whatever you have and experience that occasion which you were waiting for a long time. Be it your first date with the person of your choice or a meeting with the person for whom you had a crush, celebrate these small events in a great manner so that when you look back at it you feel happy remembering them. You cannot live the same day again, you cannot bring back the lost time so it is better not to procrastinate your meeting and just go out and do things which makes you happy. You might be depressed because you had a breakup or you are going through a divorce or you are not yet sure whether you should give someone another chance now. Just go out and experience the moment, even if you do not move ahead with that person at least you can carry a good experience back home.

It is always better to accept reality and live in it. It is very easy to drift into the dream world where everything is your creation. There is no reality which exists in your fantasy world so it is better you accept the facts and make peace with everything in your life. Try and live the present moment, do not let your mind drift in the past or future because overthinking kills and it creates only problems and no solutions. When your boss fixes a meeting with a client and you are not sure whether you will be able to crack it, just prepare yourself and go. Make that meeting the best meeting of your life, crack your deal and do your best. You will see when you look back you will feel proud that you did your best though you were not prepared for the meeting because of your personal problems but you pushed your limits and made things happen. That moment will be embedded in your memory for a lifetime. You do not remember everything or every person or situation, you remember only those moments which left a big impression on you. Be it a small incident which lasted just for a few seconds or for a few hours you remember those moments clearly which left you speechless and you can easily recall them from your memory. Just live your day and do what is fine for you, don’t bother what other people will think about you, just enjoy your memorable moment.

God gave one life to live and the problem with most of us is we spend more time thinking about what others will think about us. When you go out with your husband on vacation feel free to enjoy every moment because you may not visit that same place twice. You enjoy those sweet moments when you both are just engrossed in each other’s love. Live the moments and do not try to capture everything in the camera. When you go back what you will remember is the experiences and nothing else. You will remember how you both felt in each others company. The love, the joy, the small moments of caring and sharing is what will be ingrained in your memory. Every moment cannot be a memorable one so when you get a chance to experience one just enjoy it fully. There is so much to experience in life. You always have the option whether to live your life joyfully or to make it miserable, whatever you want to do is in your own hands.

When you get a chance to visit the best place alone because your company is conducting a seminar in your dream hotel or place, you just enjoy it and do not lose your enthusiasm thinking how good it would be if your whole family would have been here. You can always plan a vacation to that place with your family in the coming future but for now, you just have fun and live your experiences. You may not get the same company of lovely people so live those moments and carry a good memory with you so that those bring a smile on your face whenever you remember them. The problem with most of us is that we always want to accommodate our choices and want to mold things according to our choice but the biggest problem is that life happens at its own pace and we have to be happy with the way things are happening because you cannot accommodate your planning all the time. Live your heartfelt moments why to try and make amendments and complain about how better things would have been if this and this would have been done. Just enjoy and don’t complain.

You just live and enjoy the present moment and rest will happen. Try and make every moment the best moment of your life, a memorable one so that when you look back it makes your heart glow with love and happiness.

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