Me and My God - A bond of understanding and deep Love

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My Lord

Today it is third Shravan Somvari so I wanted to add more to my previously written articles on my relationship with the divine. My connection with the supreme power is that of understanding and deep love. It is nothing less than that. He is my whole world to me and I cannot even think of a day when I don’t connect with me. I am connected with him every second of my life. I pray as everyone else does and there is nothing special about it but what differentiates me from the rest of the masses is the deep heartfelt connection which I have with him. Since it is between me and him it is very difficult for everyone to understand but today I want to pen down my thoughts so that you people can also connect with the divine and get your ultimate peace to live a happy life. The life which is gifted to all of us is the biggest gift of God to the whole of humanity. It is very sacred and instead of considering it as a bane we should think that it is the biggest boon God could ever give to us. We all are born on this earth plane to experience life to the fullest and be one with the divine. You live your life to the fullest and experience everything in your life with boldface be it your pains, sufferings, rejections, humiliations, just anything. Always remember it is only when you go through the worst that you can embrace the best, the best has come. Prepare your mind to experience the best things in life and experience love. Love is the only force in this whole universe which has the capacity to do the impossible. You cannot hate someone and be happy with it but when you love all and hate none, you are getting close to divinity.

Your God is not something who is meant just to be worshipped two or three times a day but he is something more than that. He is your friend, Lover or Husband if you so desire. I remember the story of Meera, she had a great love for Lord Krishna, so deep was her love for him that the divine came to meet her, though she was a human being. Meera had the power to connect with Lord Krishna and even bring him down on this earth just with her deep love. Such is the power of love. You don’t know how powerful you are until and unless you use them to manifest what you want in your life. She was always with him, she could feel the lord near her. She wanted him in the form of lover and husband both so he played both the roles for her. Her lord saved her from every wrath of human beings around her who could not understand the deep connection which she shared with lord Krishna. It is only later that everyone realized that she was not a normal lady but one chosen by the divine.

I believe you do not choose your God but it is your God who chooses you the way he wants you to be in his life. I believe it is more of a prewritten destiny where God simply inks his name on the heart of the person whom he chooses for himself but yes do remember it cannot be everyone but only a few or one in a million and if you are the one then believe me your God will manifest the way you want him in your life be it your friend, boyfriend, lover or husband. He can play all roles with grace because nothing is bigger and superior to him. He is the supreme power and he is the one who grants your wishes so there can be nothing other than him which exits in this entire universe. I share a great relationship with God. I would say it is his choice to be a part of my world. He chose to be with me because I am not someone who does lots of pujas but I believe in God and his power. My life has completely changed after 31st December 2015 after I visited Balaji Temple at Tirupati and Golden Temple at Sripuram. I have already written about that in my previous article. I am quoting this date again, in case there is a new reader. I want to inspire everyone by the work which I do and want you all to be aware of the supreme power. It is only him who can do miracles for you. You pray to him and he will grant your wishes but yes do remember he will not grant all your wishes, only those wishes which are for your highest good will be granted so have faith and keep praying. Your God loves you much more than you know and his decision is the right decision for you.

I leave a few decisions on my God when I am in a fix or when I cannot take “No” for an answer. He decides for me and lets me know his decisions. I have accepted all his decisions wholeheartedly because I know he loves me a lot. I connect with my God all the time or to be very specific Narayana. I am a writer, I write articles and there are times when I am stuck and don’t know what to write next, I just look at him and he shows me the way. Our hearts connect and he knows that I need an answer. He answers me instantly. I love reading and writing but I write on various topics and sometimes I just write because there is a deep feeling that I should write on a topic. I do that and he helps me. I feel very connected to God. He is the best man in my life. I have conquered all my health problems and depression because of his grace. He has saved my life or I would have been dead in the year 2018 and there would have been no Rashmi Priya alive on this earth sharing my experiences with you. My doctors were amazed at how I was alive. I was alive with 3 % hemoglobin in my body, my heartbeat and pulse rate were normal. The doctors could not believe me and told my dad that your daughter should have been dead by now, how come she is alive? The doctors told my dad that I immediately needed a blood transfusion or I would die at any moment. But see I am alive and recovering from all the health problems, I have overcome all emotional trauma of the past because of my failed relationship with my husband just with the help of my God.

My God and my dad never left me. I believe my dad is the real incarnation of the divine here on this earth sent only for me because he is my life, I cannot survive without him. My relationship with my Narayana is of deep understanding and deep love. He never came and directly spoke to me but then the feelings which I have in my heart for him is the answer to the connection I share with him. You cannot have deep feelings for people whom you love superficially. When two people love each other with the same intensity then both feel the same feelings and transfer the same to the other person. I can not imagine living a day without my God. He is in the blood flowing through the nerves of my body, he is in my heart, he is my soul, he is me and I want him to make me one with him. I love him. The feelings are very sacred but the love is very deep, it is not something which can be understood by normal people but only a few whom he has chosen for himself. When it is between you and him then there is no one in between and I would say nothing in between. I too believe that when God’s love they love deeply. It is a great connection which a human being shares with his God. Your God is reachable to you, please do not believe in the taboos put forward by different people.

When Meera can get her Krishna you too can get his divine love if you have the power to attract him the way you want him in your life. When you love, love deeply because love is the most powerful force in the entire universe and there is nothing which love cannot overpower. My madness and my love for my Narayana is very deep and I have tried my level best to write my feelings but I think there are so many aspects which I could not cover because everything cannot be expressed in words. There are few things which can only be felt and words fall short when you try to write them. I want you all to be aware that life is great and love is the superior power in this whole world. Connect with the creator and get your peace and live the life which you never imagined or never dreamt of for how can you live a mundane life with your God as your better half.

I would love to hear from you all about the connection you people share with the divine. Do comment. I love you all.

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