Marriage - A bond made in heaven to live a divine life on earth

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Married Life

I have worked on my energies for a very long time. My spiritual work started slowly in the year 2015 and then got fast-paced in the year 2019. I have done lots of spiritual work, be it meditation, yoga, idol worship, connecting with divine energies, mantra meditation. Almost everything which a normal person of my age can never think of. I married the man whom I loved since my school days and had a live-in relationship with him for a long time. Even after dating him for 10 years, he cheated on me. My marriage of 11 years ended abruptly and that really break me as a person so I took the holistic path of spirituality to heal my wounds. Just because you fight with your partner does not give you permission to cheat her because you are a man. My parents also wanted me to patch up with him. Even he wanted me to accept him back in my life but I didn’t. I wanted to see what the universe had in store for me. When people say that two people can live great lives after dating for a long time or staying in a live-in relationship for a certain period of time. I can say “No”. It is two understanding, mature people who are in a married relationship who makes things work. As you go to the office every day and switch on your computer to start your work, in the same way, you have to water the seed of a relationship so that it can flourish or it will dry and you will look for emotional and sexual satisfaction somewhere else.

If you are a young man and you think that dating 20, 30, or 40 women will help you choose the right girl for marriage. Just go out and do that so that you are mentally and sexually satisfied. I know people still don’t get satisfied because they don’t get what they want. Girls who are running after money will love a guy superficially because they don’t want the man but his money and they love that. Now how do you get satisfied? The entire human race is running after sex and that is the only reason there is so much imbalanced energy on earth and now it needs divine interference. There are people who say that even gods had sex with multiple partners. You never went to see what God did. You read the scriptures and concluded that. God’s had the power to combine their energy with their partner and not get physical. Maa Parvati created her child from her life energies and never gave birth to them.

Fulfill all your lust before you think of marrying someone and settling down in life so that you become a devoted life partner and not look for love outside your marriage. Find that one man or woman who will love you in spite of your flaws, your bank balance, stand like a rock, support you in your work, and is never tired of listening to everything you have to share with her. This body is temporary, beauty is temporary, even bank balance is temporary (You are not going to carry anything when you leave this earth). Every person will age. “LOVE” is the only thing that never ages with time but grows with proper nurturing. Be clear about what do you want. Sit down with your own self. Take out a pen and paper. Write down everything you want in your better half. Then hand over that paper to the universe. Let the universe do its job. Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on the earth plane. Work on your energies so that you find the right person.

Why I am writing so much about everything? There is a very big reason behind it. We all are going to enter the new divine era of the next Avatar of Lord Vishnu and she will fix everything which does not follow the rules of the universe.

Want to attract your Divine Partner? You have to work a little hard for it because some things don’t come easily in life and if you want to attract the right person who matches you in lots of aspects then there is some spiritual work which is required. I am writing about what I did so that I could attract the right man in my life as well as fulfill my divine purpose chosen by my God. I have done Mantra meditation on “Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra” where I chanted the mantra more than 2,60,000 times. I have also worked on “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra”. I have not counted it but as far as my memory goes I completed two to three copies of 200 pages just by writing mantra. My body and my energies have synchronized with both the mantras. Chanting Devi mantras requires lots of guidelines to be followed so I work with Lord Shiva “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra”. I can feel the mantra in my system while listening to it because that is how much I love him. I worship Lord Vishnu but Shiv Ji has always been with me for a very long time. I did not write anything about the qualities I wanted in my better half instead I asked my God to choose and give me what resonates with my soul.

When you work on your energies. Your energy starts spreading in the entire universe. The person who matches with your energy will automatically land in your life because that is the way the universe works. I firmly believe marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. The person who is meant to be in your life as your life partner will find you and be there to marry you at the divine time because everything will fall in the right place. My parents had an arranged marriage. The best part is that they did not know each other and never saw each other before they got married but still no one can match their love and chemistry. Touchwood, they are real soulmates downloaded directly from heaven. The more you complicate your life with too many options the more you feel dissatisfied.

Have you seen the matrix? If not just go and watch it. It is not just an imagination but a very big reality except for all the special effects. You are born on this earth because you have a karmic backlog and that backlog needs clearing for you to get salvation or else you will be caught in the endless cycle of rebirth. If you are someone who has gone through lots of breakups in life and is still looking for the right person then you need to clear your karmic backlog. Don’t get disheartened the right person will find you once you clear all your past backlogs. I want to advise everyone, please don’t judge anyone because two people born on this earth have very different karmas. Even when you marry a person you both have a different purpose and you both need to support each other in doing that. Then there is a concept of divine union in which two people are chosen by the universe to be in each other’s life so that they can achieve the divine purpose together and do divine work. These divine partners are born in pairs and are born after many lifetimes when the earth needs them the most.

When two divine partners merge their energy they have the power to create a massive change in the energy of the universe because they are meant to do that. Some people are born on the earth plane just to achieve their purpose together. When you are tied to your purpose to the core then you don’t think about yourself but the entire world first because your thinking has been molded in that direction. I did not understand a lot many things which I understand now because of the energy work which I did on my own self.

When you are about to meet the person who is meant to be in your life you will see the entire world of synchronicities opening up for you and communicating with you. The divine himself will interfere because they have to achieve their purpose through you. You don’t meet someone by chance or coincidence but at the right time because this universe is a divine matrix and there is only one master player that is God himself.

Have a great night. Meditate, do yoga and attract the right better half in your life because marriages are the union of two divine souls.

Happy Married Life.

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