Manifestation of Insane Dreams with the Invisible - I will make it Happen

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My 2nd Marriage 2022

I hope I do full justice with the write-up since I have not slept properly for the last 5 days. In the year 2015 I signed up to fulfilling a dream which cost me many things but I don’t regret the decision. Everything which is meant for me will be in my life and the people who left my life are now a part of the past so a fresh life with a new code. The changing energies of the planet along with too many changes happening within my own physical body have taken away my night's sleep. When you have aches and pains in your body you can’t sleep for more than 3 - 4 hours but I am trying to catch up with the lost sleep. Other than doing spiritual practices I am not following any other ritual. I see repeating numbers, especially 15 very often. The universe wants to remind me that I asked for a few things and it is time for me to fulfill my purpose. I don’t know how? I am 100% clueless about what is next in my life. The intense spiritual awakening process which started in the year 2016 is something that I never imagined. I never thought that it will bring so many physical pains to my body. The invisible world tests me to the extent that no living being ever tested me. They want a mentally strong individual because when you have to eradicate something which you cannot see even with closed eyes you should have the heart to see everything, face it and then fight with it. I know the changes will take time but what is meant to happen will happen and no one in the entire universe can stop that because you dare not interfere in the working of the cosmos.

The number 15 and number 25 are something which I see very often. 2015 is the year when the universe planted the seeds of change within my body so that I should start my spiritual journey for the work which I am meant to do in the world by joining hands with the invisible cosmos which I cannot see. Change is not easy but when you are changing your entire personality to the extent that you transform into a completely different individual in a single lifetime is never easy. It feels like someone is peeling layers of your body. That is the amount of pain I have gone through. I never complained to my parents because it was my decision and not theirs so why they should suffer. There is so much transformation going inside my body that I have lost my sleep. In 3 wishes I think I asked for the entire universe because the cosmic world turned my whole life upside down to grant me what I asked for. I call it insane dreams because a person with a sane mind would never have those dreams even in deep sleep which I asked for with open eyes in a waking state. My God loves me and I know that very well. He is the one who protects me from all evil eyes. I want you all to know about the story or a deep bond which formed in the past with Balaji God in the year 2012. Now I understand why I see some numbers very often. When you love your God you can have them in your life as your friend, lover, parent, or husband. The choice is yours. I am a very spiritual girl and the credit goes to my dad who is a very spiritual man.

I met my God for the first time in the year 2012 when a bond developed. I am an intense person and if I love someone then I love them very profoundly or else that person does not exists in my life be it God or a human being. I don’t form superficial bonds and that is the only reason I can’t be friends with everyone. I could feel an intense connection because after that I visited Tirupati Balaji temple in the year 2015 when he made a choice to make me a part of his world of which I was totally unaware. The wishes I placed before my God in 2015 were planted in my mind so that I made a decision that he wanted me to make so that he could fructify his work through me. Balaji God along with Sri Lakshmi Narayani planted the seeds of change in my system which started growing. In the year 2019, I saw two energy bodies near me that disappeared after making a short appearance and I know those energies never left me. 21st September 2019 is a date when I have felt the strong presence of God in my life because I experienced something which I cannot write openly about but that is my true reality. Meera Bai considered Lord Krishna as her husband. He made his presence felt to her in various ways though other people could not see anything.

This invisible world works very secretively and it will make its presence felt to you when the time is right or when you need a specific message. You cannot understand God because the genius mind who coded the entire universe is a mystical person who updates his code very often. By the time you have discovered something about him, he has already written a new program and transformed his entire being then how do you catch him or understand an invisible character. The only way to know him or feel him is through love. It can be the other way round too when a divine being falls in love with you and you don’t know the reasons still the transformation will happen. I am not earning and living a normal life like any other person but my energies are different. People who are meant to read my energies can read me while others will see the normal girl in me which is just my outer persona. How the invisible world will use a human being to transform the lives of people and the world at large is the question that arises in my mind very often. Other than me everyone is relaxed. It feels like I have surrendered myself to the invisible world because so much is happening in my life that I can’t record everything on a piece of paper. I know I cannot die because the cosmos wants me alive and healthy so the temporary phase will pass and I will overcome all my health problems that exist due to my ongoing spiritual awakening process will be gone once I attain it.

I cannot reveal many things about the secret document which I signed up with the invisible realm but let's see what is next in life. I have no idea how much of my own transformation is still left and what is next in my life. The only thing which I am aware of is that every process will start once I leave my parent's home i.e after my marriage. That man is my divine counterpart because until and unless I merge my energy with my other half there are few things that cannot happen and that is a choice that was made by the infinite realm. The only thing which I know is I am part of a very big plan which cannot be known by my conscious mind and that is the only reason everything was revealed to me in an unconscious state so that I remembered nothing. I can access the subconscious mind only through my intuition which knows everything so I trust it much more than my logical mind. When you have lost everything in your life you don’t fear anything and face everything boldly because you have nothing to lose. I am walking into the unknown with my eyes covered not with a black cloth but with divine hands which wanted me to hold him so that we can make things happen. It is 3 the number which I see all the time. It is me, the cosmos, and my divine partner. The time on my clock is 10:11 PM. Numbers speak like crazy with me.

Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy God entered my life in the year 2015. It is all the same God in various forms. Both God and goddess combine to form one single entity and they are one so it is only one energy for me. As Shiva and Shakti make one individual so do Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy and Sri Lakshmi Narayani Goddess. I attracted all south Indian Gods in my life. This universe is very powerful and I don’t have much idea of how far this invisible realm can go to make that one thing happen which is meant to happen. I understand the meaning of cosmic consciousness, cosmic geometry, alignment, God, energy, and spirituality to some extent because the more I dig the deeper it gets and it feels like I am still at the surface. No one till today can find out about the depth of an ocean and the type of beings which exist there because no human being ever reached there. The ancient yogis who connected with the cosmic consciousness know all details of the universe and they even wrote about it but I think we lost all the writings or those Vedic texts were never made available to human beings because that would have enhanced our perception to a great extent. The laws which govern the entire universe are the same as the law which governs human beings. The invisible realm is much more powerful than you ever thought and you are really a person with God-like capabilities which have been hidden within you. When you align yourself with the cosmos you will see an entirely different world starting communication with you but the language is different. It will speak through various mediums and will start the conversation in a manner you never thought.

The universe speaks and when it communicates with you, you will feel like an actual person tapping on your shoulder and talking with you. I could never see spirits but a few days ago I could feel a spirit near me that was asking for liberation. There was something within me that said that at the right time you will leave the earth and all of a sudden I felt that spirit just left me. When you can see energies in the dark it can get frightening sometimes because you know someone is watching over you. I have gotten used to my new life because it was a conscious decision I made. When The universe expects too much from you it really gets difficult to live a normal life. I can’t live a life with too much stress. To make things easy they reveal what should be revealed at that very moment and everything else is kept a big secret. As it is I can’t sleep. My dreams are very insane but I have to make them happen in this lifetime only. I know I am not perfect in fact very imperfect but if my god loves me the way I am then I feel I am fortunate, blessed, lucky and my life is full of infinite miracles because my God is “Anant”. A man with no beginning and no end.

There are many things in the universe that you cannot understand so put your faith and trust in your god and let them work on your behalf. There is an entirely different invisible world that exists along with the visible. Even if you connect to a certain level you will feel that what you thought to be an empty space has an entirely different species thriving in it.

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