Make yourself a Living Brand in this world

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What is a Brand? A brand is a name which gets engraved in your mind and never fades with time. People will forget you but they will not forget the brand name and their experience associated with the brand. The leading companies which have established themselves as a brand in the world are very few. I would say you can count them on fingers but then those who have established themselves as brands and have found their way into people’s heart are the ones which never age with time. Did you ever think of establishing you yourself as a living brand? Yes, today I want to discuss with you all my thoughts on establishing yourself as a living brand which is alive. I am exploring the topic so it is a sincere request to you all my lovely readers that if you people want to make some additions to my article you all are most welcome to do so in the comments section. I am a Motivational Speaker, Soft Skills Trainer, and writer and soon to be an Author. I am working on myself and I am working to establish my name as a brand name. Though I don’t have much idea as to how I should proceed further but I am trying. I have full faith in my abilities and I have full faith in my God, Narayana that when we both work in synchronicity something great will happen. Let’s see what next.

Some years ago I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career but now I am decided. I would say it is very important for you to make up your mind and stick to just one goal and work hard for achieving it then only you can establish yourself as a living brand. If your goals change every month or every year then you cannot concentrate your energies on one particular thing. You should never lose your focus as to what you want to do in your life and do that only. Sometimes it may get tough to concentrate your energies on one thing. It is absolutely ok and fine. Just take your time and find out what is close to your heart and then pursue your passion so that you enjoy and live your work. When you are passionate about your work you can do it even in the middle of the night or even when you are half asleep. I am telling you this from my own personal experience. I write articles here on my website. On some days I am so tired that I cannot even sit and write properly, sometimes I fall asleep while writing and when I wake up I start writing again that is the amount of passion I have for writing so even in the half-awake condition I can produce my best article. I would say that is the amount of passion you need to have for your work then only you can establish yourself as a living brand. It is not just the hard work which will pay off but also your association with people and the way you promote yourself.

You are yourself your unique selling proposition. Sell yourself the right way and promote yourself the right way and see how many people are impacted by your presence or after they have interacted with you. If you can touch people’s life or I would say people’s emotions then you know how to keep the conversation going. Always have a friendly conversation with other people and never try to show off. If you are big the other person will know you don’t need to tell them. Just give a formal introduction that’s it. But yes when you introduce yourself you should tell the other person everything which he needs to know so that he knows everything about you. This interaction will help you in the long run. If you have impacted that person then he will never forget your face nor your name and he will either work with you or will buy your product which you are selling in the market. If you are an author then you are selling to the masses. For you to occupy your name in the category of Best Seller people should buy your book. They should be interested in you and your life. They should look forward to you for some motivation and inspiration. If you are the one who can come up to their expectations then believe me there is no looking back. You will be on top of the world and you will get a huge success.

To establish yourself as a living brand get rid of your ego. Talk to people and try to understand them. It is only when you understand them that you can get their interest. Be a good listener. I am a very talkative girl but nowadays I am getting better. I have started listening to people. At the end of the day, you are establishing yourself as a brand in the hearts of the people so you have to learn how to communicate. Communication is an art and everyone cannot communicate properly with anyone or everyone but if you are the one who can do so then believe me you will reach the top of your career and establish yourself as a living brand. You are selling your product or your name to the masses so you should be able to establish the right cord with them for that you should work on your own personality. A living brand is a big thing so you need to work hard on yourself. First, take care of the type of clothes you wear than the way you walk, talk and convince the other person. Look into the eyes of the person while talking whether it is a male or female, it doesn’t matter, break your inhibitions and get to business. When you are working the gender never matters. When it boils down to work then you need to keep just your work in mind and nothing else.

When you talk your words should be powerful enough to convince the other person to take action. Work on your self-confidence, self-image, your overall personality then only you can do so. How can you establish yourself as a living brand when you feel low inside. Have a lively body language, a lively face which carries a sweet smile. Your personality does half the work and rest will happen when you open your mouth. When you work with a lot of people and are able to convince them to work with you or buy your product then you have done your work and no one can stop you from getting successful. Your work is an extension of you. Your work carries your DNA and your energies so you should be fully committed to your work. When the other person buys your product they are buying a part of you so that they can associate with you. The other person will buy from you only when you catch their attention with the right intention and move him or touch his life with your words or deeds. Have you seen there are few people in your life whom you have met years ago but still you remember the face, those people are complete strangers but they toughed your life in some or the other way and you want to meet them again. That is the kind of chord which you have to establish with the other person so that they remember you in the right way.

Be approachable, get into the habit of talking to complete strangers. I do that since I am a motivational speaker I have got to speak in front of complete strangers and still put my words across and touch their lives by my presence and my speech so I need to be able to match my frequency with them and to do that I should be fluent with complete strangers. I bet you even if you talk to me for the first time you will never feel talking to a stranger, that is the amount of comfort level I build with the other person or my audience. Since that is my work I have to. If you all can do that I would say no one can stop your progress because at the end of the day you are dealing with people who are nothing but a bundle of emotions with heart and mind. How do you define a person? A person is someone who has feelings, who can think and is alive and nothing more so you need to connect with the other person on an emotional level.

I want to clarify something, there is a difference in the way you talk to your friend, lover or your husband. Don’t mix anything or everything. You need to be friends with people in the right way so that you can work with them in the near future. When you are able to connect with the masses you will have a huge fan following so be prepared and establish your name as a living Brand.

I hope you people will work with me or buy my products in the near future. I want to Thank you all for being in my life.

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