Make your present day the best day of your life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2015-12-21 15:45
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I say the best way to live your life is by living one day at a time. Plan and execute one work after another and not all at once. The problem with most of us is that we live the past and the future in the present and get unhappy that things are not working. People who work in the present and live in the present are the ones who are achievers in life. You can plan for the future, but then you only have your present day with you. That is something which should be lived best. The day we are busy or have lots of work, the maidservants would go absent and your kids teacher will need your presence and you will have to make adjustments in your schedule because your husband has to leave office early. Then how do you plan your schedule? Do what needs your urgent attention and leave the rest. Work which has no urgency can be forwarded. But then what we do most of the time is that we lose our head and the whole family gets a taste of our anger.

We do so much planning for that one day and finally when that big day appears you will see that you're suffering from bad health or you have got some or other problems to deal with. First I thought this was something which happened only with me but later I found out that most of the people had the same problem. Ok, then what to do? Go ahead give your present-day your best shot. You live one day at a time, one second, one minute, and one hour at a time. The time will as it is pass whether you live it to the fullest or not. Then why to sit back and let the situation Control you, go ahead get control of the situation and do your best. Luck will always shine in your favour when you are a go-getter. Why sit back and mourn. Let time take the decision, move ahead and do it. You will either be successful or fail, but you will be happy that you did something rather than taking a back seat and just waiting what to do.

I have seen people coming and participating in soft skills training program just by mere pressure from seniors. They just come and go. They do not participate and wait for the program to get over at the earliest. When you have time and you have got an opportunity to learn, why not learn something new and make the most of the day rather than just sleep and pass the day. Live each day at a time, you will never get to live say 21st December 2015 again in your life. You cannot live this moment and this day again. Once this day is gone it is gone forever. What you are left with is next day or tomorrow.

Do what you think you can do in a day to make the best of the 24 hours. Plan and do. Things may or may not work according to your plan, but then there will always be few things in your list which will lessen since that was completed successfully today.

Whether you are a housewife, working lady or any working professional make your present day the best day. Complaints never end and so does excuses. Find out a reason to do something rather than finding out a reason for not doing something. Read that book which you purchased months ago and still could not start since you were busy. Wear that new dress which is still standing fresh in your closet since that perfect day never appeared. Every day is special, every moment is special. Do not wait so long that the true essence of that special day or special thing gets lost. You are special so everything associated with you is special too. Come On live your present day to the fullest and make the most out of it.

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