Love is the most powerful force in the entire universe

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Love is Life

Yes, you people guessed it right, monsoon season and I am again here with you all sharing my views on love. Today the weather is cool and I am loving it. The light breeze has made the atmosphere refreshing. I have opened all doors and windows to let the fresh air come in and also opened my heart doors so that my dream man can come in. Let’s explore this love which is the most powerful force in the entire universe. Your body’s vibration changes when you are in love, your look, your smile and even your way of thinking changes. I don’t know how this happens but it simply happens. Do not try to apply logic in love because the more you try the more you get confused so just let love be love. Enjoy the feeling, enjoy the experience, just live in that moment. I have also loved someone from the depth of my heart without knowing what the other person feels for me but then I cannot control my feelings for him. When I love I love deeply and then there is no looking back. I believe if my love is true I will get him and only him in my life as my life partner. Let’s see only time will tell whether my love for the person whom I love passes the test of true love. I am waiting for an answer from the universe. I am enjoying my feeling, listening to romantic songs when I am free. I never knew I could love someone so much. Love is the most beautiful energy which you can experience. People around you will feel it and they will ask you as to why your face is glowing and you don’t have an answer.

You cannot tell anyone or everyone about your love so enjoy the glow and thank the man who gave you a reason to smile and possess that glow. Love blossoms flowers while hatred kills. Have you ever noticed that your love gives you a reason to live and work hard so that you can move ahead in life? Love has got a very high frequency which is generated from your heart and it reaches the heart of the person whom you love. He will feel it. That person may be in any corner of the world but he will feel your vibration because it is hard to surpass a high vibration. He will feel the pulse and will come to know that someone is remembering him from somewhere. If you have loved someone truly then the other person will know the exact person who has send it. You cannot outweigh the vibration of love. When you desire for a perfect match then send those exact requirements into the universe. You let the universe know the type of person you want and his personality then keep praying and do your work. Please do not sit idle, do your karma, that is something which is very important. You will see that after some time you will meet the exact person who you wanted. The universe listens to you so talk carefully. You may meet him at a party, a park, social media or just anywhere. He will come to you that is something which you can be rest assured of.

You will get the message through your intuition that your life is about to change and before you can understand anything you will see that your life changes for better and your dream man enters your life. When he proposes to you just say a “Yes” and move on in life. Take that leap of faith because true lover always gets true love who is a committed person. Have that person in your life as your better half and write your love stories online so that others know how to attract their soul mate. You need to teach people how to get their true love since people have got used to superficial love. Love is powerful and when you love someone you will know that. Love destroys the whole inner construction and builds a new one in which every cell carries the name of the person whom you love. I am telling you that is the only reality, even the gods cannot deny you your true love because they know you are the most eligible person to get one. He knows you will do full justice with your man and will be committed to him for a lifetime. When God sees your devotion, believe me, he will gift you the best man who is an epitome of commitment. I love an honest soul. I don’t look at the face or smartness or care about anything, what matters most to me is that my soulmate should be honest to me that's it. I like devotion, dedication and 100% commitment because that is what I am going to give him so I expect the same from him.

I tell you sometimes your love will make you mad. When you are working you are so much engrossed in your work that you don’t have time to think about anything, it is only when your work gets over and you want to relax that your dream man comes and wants your time. You converse with an imaginary figure who is yet to manifest from your dreams into reality. People around you cannot understand what you keep murmuring and you are happy in your fantasy world. Experiment with yourself and check what I am writing is correct or not. Love someone from your heart and if you do not get that person in your life then tell me. Love is very powerful, you just see the power which your prayers carry when you pray from a loving heart. Even God’s will make things happen for you because they cannot surpass your vibration. Your feelings have the power to wake God’s and remind them that there is something which you want and you are still waiting for him. I bet you your God’s will get into action and gift you with your heart's desire. Never underestimate the power of love. Some people will say that love is just a wastage of time. You don’t listen to them, just because they never fell in love does not mean that you should not fall in one. Love is everywhere, even when you love a plant it grows at a twice rate so think what will happen when you love a human being.

Love makes everything around you beautiful. With the power of love, you can build your career because you can work at your optimum level when you are blissful. You can achieve more success in life when you are in love. Why get distracted, let your love help you in building your destiny, a great life and let the other person know about your dreams. I am sure if he is your true soulmate he will respect your dreams and help you in achieving them because when you will write your success story he will also be a part of it. When you will go on stage to receive an award for your work and you give your dream man your acknowledgment for your success just think how delighted he will feel because of you. It is difficult to get true love but when you place your right requirement into the universe with right intentions your prayers get answered. Have that dream lover in your life and live a good life with him. There will be moments when your opinions may differ but then it is ok. Accept life the way it is and complain less, Find out more reasons to smile and love rather than complaining about the odds in life.

I would tell you all to fall in love. Love makes life worth living. When I close my eyes I can see the person whom I love, even God’s maybe thinking about my crazy dreams which I dream these days. For the first time in my life, I feel I am a different person I am altogether a different soul. I feel like a phoenix getting rebirth from the ashes. I am reborn in the same body again to live my life with my soulmate. I know my God’s are with me. I am ready to take the leap of faith, let’s see what God has in store for me. I want to know my future and my destiny with the person whom I love.

Lots of love to you all. Fall in love, go crazy, go mad and build your destiny. God gave you one life, write the name of your lover in your heart with ink which stays with you till your last breath. Come fall in love.

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