Love - A feeling which never fades with time and keeps growing

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Love Heart

It is raining in Nagpur and the weather is simply great so for the first rains in the monsoon season I thought of writing about love. I want to put forth my ideas about love and want to discuss what it is not and what it is? Love is a feeling which always grows with passing time and never fades away. If it vanishes then it is not love. What most people think about love is just a small part of the big ocean which is yet to be discovered. When you fall in love it is true your mind goes foggy and you cannot think about anything other than the person whom you love madly. You wait for a nod from that person and when he confirms his feelings for you, you are simply on cloud 9 and you stay there for a few days. You are so much engrossed in your feelings that everything else does not matter. You forget your ownself and the world around you and you just want to be with your person. Yes, it is true that you lose your night’s sleep and you are hooked on your phone and WhatsApp so that you do not miss any important message from him. It is absolutely ok to feel that way. Check your feelings if they do not go away and it is the same after a few months then you are truly in love but if your emotions fade with time then it is just an infatuation. You need not bother much and move ahead to find someone whom you truly love. There can be times when you know that the other person loves you but he is reluctant to confirm his feelings for you, you can give him some time so that he can tell you what he feels about you after a while.

There are no age boundaries in love when love happens it just happens. It sways away the land from your feet and you do not know what to do. I know there are some people who are afraid to fall in love because it may break their heart. I would like to tell them to just grow up and fall in love even if it breaks your heart you will feel happy at the end that you said your feelings to the person whom you loved instead of keeping quiet. Love is madness and if it is not crazy than it is not love. When you truly love someone it is very soothing not just for you but for the other person too. You will see that after some time the obsession which you had for each other will settle down and you people will start understanding each other better. With passing time your bond with the other person will get stronger and it will give you concentration rather than distract you from your work. You know there is someone who will always lend his ears for you and will be there for you whenever you need him. That feeling itself is enough to give you peace of mind. I have seen couples fighting like crazy because even when they are married to each other they do not share love between them. They are just namesaked, husband and wife. At Least you can be happy that you have got the love of your life. You can take your love to the next level when you both feel prepared to commit, till then enjoy each other's company.

When you meet each other often and share a lot of time together you both get a chance to know each other. It is better not to dig in the nasty past of each other but just love each other and have respect in the relationship. When you love, love strongly, deeply, if it does not stir your soul than it is not love. Your face, your eyes, your whole body should be able to transmit happiness because you are with your man, your dream man, the love of your life. It may so happen that you had a heartbreak from your previous relationship and you are still healing from the wounds which were left by him. It is ok to keep healing, you will see that the person who is meant to be in your life will enter your life all of a sudden and you don’t know what to do. It is hard to fall in love, especially for the 2nd time when you are so heartbroken but when it has to happen it will happen. The right person will enter your life at the right time. God this is true. I am writing this from my own experience. My previous relationship was a big disaster. I had left my work, stopped socializing, I had even stopped calling my friends, I had very little contact with the outside people. I only talked to my parents and sisters and no one else. Then after 2 complete years, someone entered my life. I had no idea I will fall in love for the 2nd time but it happened. That too happened on the phone with a person who sorted out my problem after talking to me on the phone for 2 complete months, customer care. God, I simply don’t know whether the other person loves me or not but I love him. At least when it comes to expressing my feelings I do them honestly because there is nothing to hide. I believe in honesty towards myself and others.

I thought previously that it was infatuation but now I think it is love. It is ok. Love never fades with time, it keeps growing and distance never matters in love. The person who is made for you may live on the other end of the globe but you will find him and connect with him through any social networking site or destiny will take you to your destination where your man is located. When you see that person for the first time you will recognize that he is the one who is made for you, just one sight of that person is enough to increase your heartbeat. When it comes to matters of heart age is never a barrier, when you fall in love don’t look at the age because today or tomorrow everyone has to die then why to think who will go first. Enjoy the moment, enjoy your love life and just be yourself. Forget what the whole world out there will think about you. Let them think whatever they want to, as it is they do not matter much because it is your life and your choice. Even if others around you are not happy with your decision they will talk about it for some time and then forget about it because they will get something else to talk about so do not care much about what others will say. God gave you one life, just live it according to your terms and not according to the conditions which are set by other people for you.

The other person is younger to you or older than you by an age gap of 10 years or say 15 years and you start thinking, God how will things happen. Remember if you want to make things happen it will surely happen but if you keep thinking whether I should express my love or not then nothing will happen. Yes one thing is for sure someone else will propose to her and take her away and you will keep thinking what happened, so the best time is now, take a decision and tell her that you love her. Love is healing it simply cures all your wounds and heals you from within. It is not just about visiting different places or dining together but being for each other and understanding each other. When the whole world is busy with their lives the love birds find their own shelter and spend time with each other away from everyone’s eyes. God is great and I believe this. You never know what will happen, the twists and turns which he has created for you will lead you to a good destination that is something which you can absolutely be sure of. God will lead you to the love of your life so when you place your right intentions into the universe for a good life partner, be rest assured that all your prayers will be answered and you will be led by the universe in the right direction.

Thank God for giving you the love of your life. I would like to say that love will make your soul happy so whenever you love, do it deeply so that you have no regrets that you could have loved more. The rains have made the weather great and I am loving it. Come fall in love and keep it growing in your heart. Do share your feelings, I would love to hear from my readers.

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