Living Inside a Program - When Did it Happen?

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Rebirth of God

I have worked on the invisible self and very hard on my spirituality to the point that I could die so to save myself from death so that my body retains my soul I listen to Mahamrityunjay Mantra. Lord Shiva came to my rescue to save my life. Previously I used to listen to it for a long time but now I don’t because he wants me to concentrate on other things. I have reached the peak and now things are about to shift. I can feel a new me, a new soul, a transformed body, and a new destiny. Total surrender is what my God demand to the point that I should leave myself in their hands. I have never done programming and coded a single line till today but my God wanted me to get aware of the virtual world of computers. I was into the web application development business and into programming. Why? I never chose to be in that place but it was my God who placed me in that position so that I can understand just the basics because the new world which he has opened in front of me is very similar to that same program but here the programmer is the creator himself. You cannot alter the code, you are allowed to read it, and to create a new future for yourself you have to change your own programming. You are also a program that exists inside a programmed universe. In fact, everything which you see in this world is a program and is a set of code. Change the code and you change the thing and its very existence.

When the universe was created by the invisible realm they had knowledge of everything since it was them who created it. When a person does coding there are a few bugs that still exist in the system and even then the program runs on the front end perfectly because it does not cause major issues. It is only when the number of bugs in the programming increases which causes the code to alter and crashing of the front-end code that the programmer has to check where the flaw lies. It is sometimes a very tough task and to detect a small error you may have to spend months if it is a very big system. So in the same way the gods had the idea that the human program which they were creating may get buggy and flawed in the long run and so may the code of other systems. It is the creator who wrote a divine program so they created a backup system in which they took the decision to remove the errors from time to time by taking Avatar in the human form so that they could work on the code and make course corrections because it is divine programming. All the decisions of the universe of the past, present, and future exist in it in the form of Akashic records or programs but you should know how to read them. It is high-level stuff and much beyond the understanding of the normal human being.

When a person connects with God or the Universe through meditation he is actually tapping into that part of the brain or the universe which can be accessed through closed eyes with a focused mind. Everything which exists outside your body exists inside of you. The universe is inside of you and you can access it from anywhere. You don’t need to go anywhere because heaven or hell exists near you. It all depends on what you connect with. Ghosts and divine beings are near you but you should have the eyes and frequency to connect. If you are at 20,000 HZ frequency and the divine being is at supposed 20,000 MHZ frequency you can’t connect because the frequency does not match. To connect with that being you have to increase your frequency to that level and he will be accessible to you. Even if you connect with the source and manifest certain things you have to wait for the completion of the cycle because your manifestation will come at the right time. Sometimes it may take days or hours. The universe knows you much better than you know your ownself.

It takes decisions depending on your tendencies because for the universe you are just a program running on the supercomputer and nothing else. It recognizes you through your soul and your past program which is still running in your system and hence it decides your destiny and sends people and events in your life accordingly. If you want to change your life you have to change your program so that the universe recognizes you as a new individual. How do you change your own programming? Through yoga, meditation, serving others with a clear heart, and connecting with the supreme. Just check your life you are born and then die. In between, you live your life. When you are born the program inside your body gets activated and it knows what all systems need to be activated at what age and when it has to slow down all the processes so that you die at a certain age. The code is within you and it just runs on its own till you walk on the spiritual path and merge with the divine soul from where you originated. That single divine soul exists in every being and is reborn again and again till it knows and understands all the realities of life and seeks the path of spirituality. When gods were getting bored they wrote the code so that they got some work to do. The divine soul exists in each one of us and it has the power to transform itself into divine himself but it is easier said than done.

You exist inside a big web of energy that is invisible but the system is advanced coded and you have to get to the source and write a new destiny if you want to. You have the option of changing your whole identity and living absolutely different life at a certain age if you are successful in changing your own code. The options exist. As you can code a new game and play it when you get bored with an old one. This new game has advanced features and is much better so you love that and throw that old game in the trash. When you write a new code for your own system you can change your whole identity but you carry the same body in which a new code exists and hence a new identity and destiny. The program of the universe and the one which is coded by humans is very different because the creator has created a very different system that can upgrade on its own. Restart and do many things once the person who is meant to take the center stage takes charge of the program. It is the universe that has pre-planned everything and has put that person in that place so that he/ she does certain work. Forget your gender. The universe does not recognize a male or female but a program. For it, you are just a program and nothing else. So if you see a lady doing great work please don’t get astonished because she is programmed to do that work.

All the avatars of God’s who came here on this earth to guide humanity on the right path did so because they were meant to do that. Now let us understand things very closely. The planets govern our life to a big extent because we all are connected with each and everything in the universe. Other than the planets there are many more things that govern our life so when astrology fails God wants you to understand that there is something more called the space in between where the invisible realm gives you the option to alter your life’s code but you should qualify for it. God’s are very giving people and that is the only reason I love my God. When Lord Krishna was born the stars were placed in the way which indicated the birth of a divine being because such kinds of placements happen in many thousands of years. When you check the data which is circulating on Youtube you will see that the planetary alignments are very different now and it marks the advent of the New Era and the birth of a divine being.

It was all written in the books of the universe from the start. You are not the body or the mind because your body is a program and your mind is the universe itself which has superhuman capabilities but to awaken them is a tough task but not impossible. How much you can make things happen in this world by bringing your thoughts to reality depends on the sanctioning authority which is the universe itself. I really don’t know what is the capability of a human being but let’s see I have worked on many things and I want to make all the dreams in my head real with the help of God. Only time knows everything because I still don’t know many things but my God says “I love You”. The remaining years of my life are a brand new one with a changed identity and a new destiny and a new work.

My God says “Don’t let any success change your true being”. You are who you are because I love your heart and the divine soul which you carry. It will be three people leaving this earth together after my work is done - Me, My husband, and my God. I thought a lot about it and I think I will do injustice with that man if I leave him alone and just think about myself. I am not a serious girl but a simple girl who loves life. I am a no-makeup girl, I can’t fake a smile, I love genuine people. I think when I was being born God change his mind and converted a male into a female for a very specific reason. I am also a program living inside the divine matrix.

Love and live life happily. Don’t judge people because you can transform them through love because “LOVE is the most powerful force in the entire universe”.

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