Life is beautiful with the Heart of Gold

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Heart of Gold

Its Shravan month and the rains have made the whole environment loving and cool. I wanted to write on matters of the heart. I am loving the rains come let's fall in love this rainy season with the “Man of your Dreams”, he will feel it. I bet you when you love someone from the bottom of your heart the other person is bound to feel it because your energies will meet the right destination into the other person’s heart. Life is very beautiful if you have someone who loves you, cares for you, misses you, calls you and is in your life as your better half or your husband. A man who completes your total being, your very existence and adds on to your smile with his love. Every person cannot have a heart of Gold. It is the rarest possession on this earth and if you find someone who possesses it, better go ahead and have that person in your life for a lifetime because there is no second chance in life. If you miss the opportunity it is lost forever. Every person has a heart because you cannot survive without it. It is the center of all feelings and emotions because it is the heart which feels it and then your feelings reach your mind so that you can take action for getting the love of your life. I believe in a happy life and joyous being. What’s the fun of living a normal life. It is good to touch the extreme so that you can tell other people “Yes I fell in Love”. Your love story should be such that you yourself can write a full novel on it. There is no fun in living a normal life where you just pass each day. God gave one life so live it to the fullest.

Now let’s find out who has the heart of gold. A person who has seen and experienced more pains than pleasures in life but still does not complains and has faith that his day will come. A person who has forgiveness in his heart for people who have hurt him the most but still he wants to move on in life without any bitterness for anyone. A person who does not wants to take revenge and understands the very meaning and purpose of life. He knows that the life which as we see it seems small from our own lens but when we see it from a broader vision we can understand why we had to go through so much in our life. A golden heart is not made of 24-carat gold but it has the price worth millions of dollars and the person who possesses it is priceless. When you can think and look at the bigger purpose of life and generate good feelings no matter whatever the situation maybe you will see that nothing will be able to alter you. You will get stronger with time and the more pains you endure the better you get at handling it and there will come a point in your life when even the pains will not be able to take away the broad smile on your face. That is the moment you will see and experience life from a different angle and life will seem beautiful. Your golden heart is your cherished possession, give it to someone who is worth it so that he can add more to your smiles. Do not cry over the bad past because it is gone and has become history so look at the present and plan your future. There is no true meaning of life, I would say it is you who gives meaning to your life, a meaning which can be understood by you because your definition of life is not going to match with someone else so do not try and match your definition with others.

Life is beautiful with the love of your life. I believe everything is possible with the grace of God. It is only him who can put a seal on your love and say “All wishes granted”. Now when you have your love in your life then there is no looking back because your life is bound to be beautiful. You need to understand each other so that you both maintain your peace and have space for each other feelings. A golden heart is very powerful because its energy is very different. If you possess it your face will glow from the shine of your heart because a person’s face is the mirror of his heart and soul. The feelings, emotions, and love which you can generate with the heart of gold are such which can attract even the love of God if you so desire and want him to be in your life as your better half. Believe me, the whole universe is nothing but energy, frequency, and vibration. When your mind and heart is pure your body will generate very high vibration and nothing can overpower it. You people are not aware of your true power, a feeling of love which is generated from you can move mountains if it has great intensity. Never underestimate your power but yes you need to realize your true power. You can only get access to it by being more loving and kind. When you complain less and love more that is the time you will see the real beauty of life and the absolute beauty of the other person. When the soul is beautiful the face has to be charming. You will feel the energy because you cannot fake your body’s vibration and your smile. When you generate true feelings from your heart you enjoy all the beauties of life which is difficult for a normal person to understand.

I know sometimes it is so difficult to see the real beauty of life when you been hurt to the core of your heart but had the strength to fight back and find the real purpose of your life. I would say God grants people a second chance to enjoy life when he has struggled and passed all tests put forward by God and the supreme has no option but to give him a reward where all his wishes are granted. Your personality should be such that when you pass your examination in the school of God he has to appear in front of you and say “Common ask me whatever you want, I will give you everything”. When the perfect man is in your life you will feel it because your emotions cannot lie and always trust your gut feelings and intuition because they are the messages from God. The divine has mysterious ways of communicating with human beings so try to understand his language and you will never be misguided. You develop a heart of gold when you have room for understanding the other person who carries a lot of meaning in your life. Unconditional love and acceptance for the love of your life will bind him to you for 7 lifetimes. I remember the song from “Dilwale” movie “Saatho Janam Mein tere main Saath rahonga yaar”, so it is the thread of love which connects both hearts and this thread can be strengthened by adding move love and understanding to it. It is very easy to fall out of love and lose the beauty of life and very difficult to love each other till you reach your death bed. If you can love the other person till your last breath the same as you do her on the first night then you have really lived a beautiful life with the love of your life and believe me it simply states that you both have a golden heart which is rare to find.

Keep on adding new dimensions to your love life like “Laila Majnu”. Your love story should be such that Sanjay Leela Bhansali should make a movie out of it and people should appreciate you on the big screen. Get going, get mad, have fun, enjoy the best part of your life and emerge as a new version of yourself because when you are in love you are a different soul and people will know that you have become a total “Laila” or “Majnu”. What I believe is when you work just work but when you love just love and let nothing come in between because you are the one who has your destiny in your own hands. You live your life only once so live it in such a way so that when you reincarnate and go for past life regression you yourself are thrilled by your great past and the love of your life.

Life is really very beautiful with the heart of gold and I would say even more beautiful if you get that person who possesses it because rare gems are very precious and difficult to find.

I love you all and I would love to hear your experiences. Come share them with me and be a part of my world.

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