Life’s Learning from Tough and Dark Phase

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2017-04-06 11:21
Tough phase

Our life is full of good and bad moments. I would say they are part of life and everything happens in life for a reason. The reason is to make us a better person so that we can fulfill God’s purpose in the best way. The almighty God created us for a reason and everything which happens in our life happens to move us in the right direction so that we can make the most out of life and fulfill God’s purpose. I am a very positive person but the past one month has been the toughest to deal with. I have mourned and literally sought help from everyone including God so that my life got better. I know we all face such situations in life and life is the same for all, filled with some good and bad moments. I am writing my own practical experience. I have faced health problems and lived a very disturbed life but things started changing when I became more aware that it is God who can sort everything out. I am a very spiritual person and I have prayed to God whenever I was depressed or felt like praying. God showed me the right direction and pulled me out of those depressing moments and situations. Something which I have learned is that you should release your anger and frustrations through your tears so that you are calm inside. Then you can look at the situation and find out why something happened and where you were wrong. Once you self-introspect you can find a better solution and live a better life. Do not bring your ego into forefront when you are dealing with your loved ones because one wrong word or a small moment of anger can kill a good relationship. Have faith, bend a little and see the miracle happening in your life. From all the hopeless things a new ray of hope will be born which will change your entire life.

I am writing this from my own personal experience. I have connected with the divine and found that when no one could help me out with whatever was happening in my life. He came and sorted out everything for me. I do believe in miracles and I have established a good relationship with so many people around me because they helped me deal with every tough situation and helped me when my own partner refused to help me out. My dad always says that there is sunshine after cloudy days. Have faith, God is there. Even when we are unaware of his presence or forget him he is there for us all the time taking care of everything. The tough and dark days are difficult to deal with. Some people lose hope get hopeless and some end their life by committing suicide when they find difficulty coping with the tough situation. I found those hard days made me more humble and an understanding person. It made me realize that something which I am taking for granted is something which is very valuable in my life. I learned my life’s lessons the toughest way. I have broken and consoled myself many times and now I find that my life is getting better. When you seek help people around you will give you “N” number of suggestions but it is you and only you who knows what you are going through and what you exactly need to do sort out your problem. Sometimes all words fall short and it gets very difficult to express ourselves. It is ok to feel that way. What we have to do is just look out for ways to deal with the situation better, talk to people and find out the best possible solution till things turn our way.

There is no one who does not have to face tough and dark phase in life. I would suggest everyone that deal with it in the best possible way and seek help from right people. When you seek help from a wrong person he makes things much worse and he will ruin the situation. Make your life better by becoming more understanding and finding out ways to live a better life because at the end it is you who has to deal with everything. I know even a single ray of hope is enough to pull us through and when we look for ways to sort out our problem do we get a solution. It is you who has to find out the solution because you can seek others opinion but that opinion may or may not be acceptable to you. When you find your own solution you get better in dealing with the day to day problems. I would say in those dark depressing moments never be alone but talk to people so that your life gets better and your mind is diverted. It is necessary to divert the mind because when we concentrate more on the problem our life gets tougher. It is only when we are at a little peace with our own self that our life gets better. I have heard the saying that when the going gets tough the tough gets going. The people who go through those tough situation knows what they are going through and when they overcome their problem they become a better person and they can pen down their own experience so that others too learn from it and follow it.

There are some people who have to face much more difficulties in life and these are the people who know how to deal with life better. These people are born to help other people live a better life. You will pull through a tough and dark phase when you have faith in your own self and the divine. I don’t know how many people have actually found out how God helps us deal with all the problematic situations but when you have a strong belief he actually comes and helps you deal with everything. I always tell people that God is there and you can seek help from him all the time but the only criteria is to have total devotion and faith. Believe me, he will pull you through every problem and also help you deal with even the toughest situations which other people may find hard to overcome. You yourself along with God is a powerful combination which is hard to break. There is a very specific reason behind everything which is happening in our life and if you have undergone a long stretch of bad days, have faith good days are on the way and they will knock at your door any moment. Do not give into those depressing moments by doing something wrong because if you do wrong you will repent it for the rest of your life.

Do good and be good. God has planned a good life for you and when you have full faith in that you will see some good and will be in a better place to deal with the problems. It is our own mind which is blocked by lots of negativity when nothing works our way, we cannot see any good and get depressed. It is only when we look for a solution and find one that our life gets better. I would suggest everyone to lead a good life by solving all their life’s problems because it is either you taking over the problem or the problem taking control over you. Lead your best life with an ever smiling face. All the best.

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