Life’s challenges - A boon in disguise for personal growth

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-08-03 18:38

When there is life challenges are bound to be there because both of them are inseparable. There can be no life without challenges and if you are one who has faced little or no challenges in life than you are someone who needs to learn your lessons so that you can grow into a good individual. Life’s challenges are meant to make you and not break you but most people break when they face adverse situations in their life. It is easy to break and difficult to survive adversity but believe me once you learn survival techniques and learn your ways to remain happy no matter what, you will always be happy. I have not yet seen any human being who climbed in their career or moved ahead in life smoothly, there are bound to be ups and downs, sometimes the roads will be bumpy and sometimes you will be too busy with your life’s problems but that does not mean giving up. Some times you cannot make sense out of all the nonsense which is happening in your life but after the passage of few years, you will realize that whatever happened in your life was meant to make you more humble and independent. When you will compare your life from today to yesterday than you will see that you have become a better version of yourself. The amount of time you spend in facing the challenges has made you realize the value of people and things in your life. The challenges which we face in everyday life is easy to overcome but the big ones take a lot of energy and peace of mind. When you can face the worst in your life, you can just face anything because you are mentally prepared for that.

I personally believe everything happens in life for a reason. When you have to face too many challenges in life then be prepared, fasten your seat belts because you are born for a very unique purpose in life. Your purpose is much bigger than you thinking and your own imagination and that is the only reason you have to go through so much in your life so that your life’s challenges can grow your soul which is confined in your body. You cannot make the decision not to participate in the race or opt-out of everything in life but you have to face all the challenges and walk out bravely because that is what you are meant to do, the more you complain the more reasons you will find to complain. Take it easy and keep putting 100% effort in whatever you are doing. I believe our own life’s challenges help us grow as a person. The more you face the more you grow, you get into the front seat and handle everything head-on. Life’s challenges are meant to grow us into good human beings who value life, emotions, and respects all lovely people in their life. Your Challenges are more of a boon in disguise because when you get victory over it you are no more the same person but a different version of yourself which is much better than before.

You will see that when you faced your challenge for the first time you were so nervous, so fearful that you almost could not sleep and eat properly but now with the passage of time you will see that you do not react to everything because you have learned to maintain your cool in adverse circumstances. This will help you grow as a problem solver. You cannot look at your messy life and deduce anything from it but after some time you will find that your life gets better with time when you develop acceptance for whatever happened and is happening in your life. You can connect the dots backward and not forward then only you will be able to make all the sense to whatever is happening in your life. Your challenges are meant to take out the best in you, test you and then leave you after you have learned your lesson be it in any field. When one lesson is learned you face another challenge so that you can learn the rest of the lessons which are meant for you. I would like to give my own example here, my husband left my life in the year 2017 and from that time I have learned to manage my life on my own. I have learned to look after everything on my own. I have learned to make all my payments online and adjusted with my single life. Previously I never looked into these things because he handled it. Now I manage my life 100%, yes it is sometimes tough but then I think it is more of a boon in disguise because now I make all my life’s decision on my own. Previously I depended on him for my decisions. I have learned to be an independent thinker and decision-maker. Sometimes I would say life needs to give you a push so that you can learn your lessons the hard way and move ahead in your life.

The tough lessons which are meant to be learned cannot be taught in an easy way so God chooses a harsh way of teaching the most difficult lesson so that we can learn it for a lifetime and never ever forget it. The journey or the future which he has planned for us is the best though at the start we may get hurt, it is only with the passage of time that we understand that whatever happened, happened for our own personal good. The biggest problem is that you are so engrossed in your sorrow that you forget to look at the bigger picture which is meant to grow you into an individual which can reach the pinnacle of success. Previously you were a raw diamond but the challenges in your life polish you so that you can shine in whatever you do because you are now a grown soul which has learned all his lessons the hard way. When a diamond is polished its edges need to be cut so that light can reflect properly within it to give it the best shine, the same way your life’s challenges polishes you so that you can shine from within and spread your light in the whole universe. You can make your work much bigger than yourself because your work is the expression of your soul. The more your soul grows the better you get at your work. Good work is bound to get recognition throughout the world, You should have the capacity to stand out among the masses.

Life’s challenges are a boon in disguise for your personal growth because if you would have not encountered any challenges in life you would have been living a normal life and would have died the same without making many contributions to the world. When you go through the worst then only you understand the true value of good people in your life who lift you and help you move ahead in your life, then only you understand the true value of love and togetherness. Your thinking grows when you encounter many tests in life because when something challenges you it brings out the best in you which was missing previously. The more tests the better you are, your learning graph moves upwards because that is what happens when you face one problem after another. You know you cannot quit but you have to solve them and then move ahead in life. If you make the decision to quit the problem now and jump to other good things in life you will see that the same problem which you had left will come and haunt to again and again. It is always better that you find out a good solution now, fix the problem and then move ahead with other things. Your concentration gets better and you do not get distracted because you know that without focusing your energy you cannot get desired results.

Your life’s challenges are a boon in disguise because it helps you reach your true potential. You too were unaware of the hidden talents which you possess. It is only when you were struck with adversity that everything burst out of you to help you grow into a strong individual which has the capacity to move mountains by her work. Your life’s learning can only be derived with practical experience because too much theory gets outdated very soon, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the best ride of a lifetime.

The next time you face a challenge in life try to look at the positive side of it rather than asking why me? Try and find out the best solution for your problem because it is a boon in disguise for your own personal growth.

All the best for your life’s challenges.

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