Let Go and Look Beyond the Edge For a Better Tomorrow

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-04-02 16:07
Bye Bye Past

Let Go of the past if it hurts and look beyond the present into a new and brighter future which you cannot see now. If you are too stuck up in the past you spoil not only your present but also your future. Past is past and you have to leave it and move on even if gives you goosebumps and makes your life difficult. I know past memories never leave our mind. When we are active in the day to day activities everything is ok and fine it is only when we are free that all the past memories gather and creates havoc in our life. Everyone does not have a good past to dwell upon some like me have a difficult past and the past memories create more pain than happiness. The past is gone, the present is in your own hands and the future is still to come. When you take care of your present the future will be great. Everything is not in your hands but what you can do is always try and do your best and leave the rest on time.

Sometimes when you dwell too much on the problem you cannot find a solution but when you give yourself some time and come at the problem again with a different and broader mindset you are able to solve it. When there is a problem there is also a solution to it. Problem and solution are two parts of the same coin where the one cannot coexist without the other. There will be many situations in life when you just have to see beyond the horizon and let go while there will be some when you just have to hold on to the problem a little longer so that you can find a solution to it. It all depends on the situation and your ability to solve it. It is only with your perseverance, strong mental attitude, and patience that you can find a solution. You have to look at the broader perspective as to why something is happening or why the problem is created. Others around you will give you “N” number of suggestions but it is you who has to sort out the mess. You just apply your mind, be cool, give yourself some time and then get back to it. Never ever try solving your problem with a hot head or when angry because you will be aggravating it rather than reducing it so just forget it for a while and then get back to it. Sometimes you will be asking the question “Why Me?” Why God gave so many problems to you only? I would say people who have the capability to handle the toughest are given the roughest situations to handle because God is aware of our capabilities.

This drama called life is such that when you think your life is going smooth some or the other thing will crop up and take away the peace of your life. Let go of people who no longer fit into your life. Let go of a burdened past. Let go of those painful moments which steal your joy in the present. You cannot bury anything under the carpet and I know the past comes to haunts us again and again but when you let go of it mentally you are more at peace rather than carrying the past over your head and adding an extra burden on your life. Make peace with your past memories. Accept the fact that you cannot make any amendments with the past. I know most of us think that if I would have done this then my life would have been better and I would have avoided very big trouble in my life. You have to accept the fact that the past is gone and no correction is possible, what you can do now is learn from it and avoid committing those mistakes in the present. Learn from your past mistakes and become a better person.

Laugh more and frown less that way at least you are in a better position. When you worry too much you cannot create a better life for you. Do whatever you can and then be at peace because there is not everything which you can control in your life. There are few unplanned things which will pop up once in a while and you just have to deal with it. Life is an unknown journey and what makes life beautiful is the twist and curves. It is not a straight line where you can see the other end by standing in one corner. There are numerous curves and the end is unseen. When you are done with everything which is happening in your life, accept it because even if you retaliate you cannot change it. Try and change what you can and accept the rest. Cry when you want to cry then wipe off your tears. Wear your best dress, carry a smile on your face and step out for a good dinner. Give a treat to yourself because you are a fighter. You tried your best but still, the worst happened. It is ok, accept and move on. A better tomorrow can be created only when you move on. When you still find yourself coming back to the same thing again and again. Try every time. Just chill it is life and no one is going to punish you. You just do your best and the rest will happen.

Listen to music, sing a song, dance and smile more because that is something which you can do to calm down your nerves and ease the tension from your life. You may be struggling to be normal and finding it difficult to make peace with the past but try, try and try. I am sure you are strong enough to do that. Find your inner strength and be strong. When the whole world wants to see you in that weak position, be strong. Show them that you are a tough nut to crack. You will not give in easily. You are a fighter. You have much more left within you than what others think. Get support from your well-wishers, friends, and family and stay away from people who try to pull you down or want to see you unhappy. Stay away from people who dig up your sad past and create more problems for you. People will always complain about some or other thing so you don’t have to care about it. Just live your life. When avoiding is not an option just listen and don’t let the crap enter your head. You have to deal with it. Just let Go and look beyond the horizon for a better tomorrow.

When I can I am sure you all can. You are much stronger than you think you are. Have Faith God is there.

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