Let’s Explore Life - Take the Leap of Faith

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Leap of Faith

In sharing my views on life I am sharing my own experience with my life. You have got only one life to live so you have two options before you either live the same usual life or take a plunge and explore new dimensions of life with the leap of faith. Faith can move mountains, that is the proverb which is very popular but I would say that faith has the power to change your life. There is nothing called security in life, if you want 100% security then no one can give you that amount of security other than banks where you have stored your money forever. Even when you marry a person you never know whether he will be with you till death bed then how can you get a secured life? Take the leap of faith and tighten your seatbelts for take-off to a new destination, a new journey which you are not aware of even 1%, now that is called taking a risk with your life. Life is either a living adventure or a stale story which is waiting to be rewritten by people who know that there is much more in life than what they can see with their naked eyes. When you are in a life exploring mode the universe opens up all the dimensions for you because they know you need guidance. Be rest assured you will receive full guidance from your higher powers, so connect with the source of the power i.e your inner true divine self which has God-like powers.

Have big dreams and think of achieving the impossible. When you try to reach the impossible, you change as a human being in the journey and that is what is needed. You should always try to become a better version of yourself so that you yourself are amazed at the amount of growth you have achieved in your life and in your inner world. God has given just one life. Either live it fully or just be bound by your fears. The choice is yours and only yours. You have got the power to break your barriers and say “Hello” to an absolutely different life which is waiting for you or be bound to the invisible bars which you have yourself created from the fears of the mind. It is your life and you have the power to change it. Either keep crying or get into a life exploring mode with the leap of faith. Even God’s get fed up with people who live a normal mundane life. He likes explorers and he is with them because he knows you will need him the most apart from people who will accompany you on your new journey. You live your life in such a way that the creator feels proud of you and he says “Yes She is my creation, I Love Her”. That is the amount of faith you need to have in your higher powers or the God’s to him you pray every day and face the confusion that whether he will answer your prayers or not. Your prayers should have the power to stir God’s kingdom so that he himself has to come down on earth and ask you “What do you want?”

Life is either a living adventure or nothing. When you know what is going to happen next, it is the same life and the same me then where is the fun? There will be fun only when you take a deep plunge and are ready to face your fears in spite of everything else. Conquer your fears and say goodbye to them or else they will keep controlling you till you reach your death bed. Explore your life in such a way so that when you die, you die in peace that you have done full justice to the life which is the gift of the divine to you. You can answer your God “Yes I have lived my purpose and I have lived my life fully”, now merge me with you so that I can be with you forever. That’s the spirit that should be in you. Why I am telling you, people, to take the leap of faith? There is a very big reason behind it. Most people are not able to work to their full potential just because they are not ready to take the leap of faith and face their fears. There is a success on the other end of fear which you will get only when you have overcome the mountain of fears and take the plunge into the unknown where you don’t have any idea as to what will happen next.

If you want to reach the top-notch level in spirituality and meet God, I would say it is possible but then be prepared to expect the unexpected. All the theory and guidelines provided in books and by most Gurus may or may not work for you. In those moments you have to rely on only one guru that is your God whom you worship. He will guide you but then there are conditions attached to it. You should call him with a pure heart filled with love so that he cannot miss your call and give you a reply every time you ask him for guidance. He is the source of the power and when you can converse directly with him, you don’t need any human being or any guru. It is just you and your God. Have faith everything will fall in the right place. Be prepared to explore life and take the leap of faith with the person whom you have worshipped with full devotion. I bet you he will come down to accompany you on your journey because you have not left him with any other option. Now that is what is called living a life with full divinity.

When you fall in love and want that person only then you need to take the leap of faith and be prepared to explore your life because if you have ‘If’s and But’s” in mind then you will keep hanging in the middle of nowhere. Why do I stress the fact that you should connect with the divine? There is a very big reason behind it. When God plans your life for you. He does that with utmost precision. When you connect with him every day he makes the best decision for you and implements them on your behalf and you just have to take the leap of faith and walk on the new divinely guided path. Have faith when he has carved a new life for you it must be the best for you. Be prepared for the roller coaster ride because your life will not be the same now. You will experience something which you have never experienced before, achieve something which other people can only dream about or live a life which nobody can even think about. Now that is called exploring life with the leap of faith in the divine.

Life is a secret treasure that you explore only when you keep exploring everything one by one by walking on the path and never giving in to the challenges of your life. When you give in to your life’s problem you cannot discover the hidden treasure. It is only when you have faith that you are much stronger than your problems and nothing can break you then only you get the hidden treasure of life in this lifetime which is hidden from many people for many lifetimes. Pains are a part of life and there is no human being on this earth who has not gone through pains but you have the option of whether to cry for people who do not care for you or explore your life with a new person by taking the leap of faith. Connect with the divine, get your power back, meditate, call upon God. It is not necessary to do hours of puja because when you do not forget your God he never forgets you. When you walk with him even when you are not praying, he is with you. The biggest misconception which most people nowadays carry is that God is available only when you pray in temples or near your puja room. The rest of the time he is resting and sleeping at night so better let him sleep at night. God’s never sleep because if they will do so then you will lose your sleep so better not allow them to sleep.

Write your own life story with ink which does not fade with time so that people remember your name with lots of respect and desire to live a life like you. I hope all of you want that. Life is a great adventure, explore life with the leap of faith.

I would love to hear from you all about your own experiences in the comments section. It is the bond between you and me which keeps me going.

Be happy, I love you all my lovely readers.

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