Less distraction and more concentration to move ahead in life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-06-08 17:49

Every day you live your life by performing various activities and I am sure when you look at the outputs or results you will see the tasks which were done with more concentration yielded better results than those tasks which were done with a distracted mind. The more energy or concentration you give to whatever you are doing in your life you will see that those aspects of life will unfold in great ways. In today’s era, it is difficult to focus and very easy to get distracted because you have got Facebook, Whatsapp and so many other social media presence that whenever you try to concentrate on something your phone vibrates and gives you a message. It is only when you shut down yourself and create some distance with these distractions that you can do something big because big things require dedicated effort and lots of focus. You want to write a book or you want to create a good masterpiece of your work you need to focus on it with undivided attention so that no other thoughts cross your mind and you are fully engrossed in whatever you are doing. If you are someone who gets distracted very easily then it is better to cultivate a habit of distancing yourself from people or things which distracts you. Try spending some time alone where there is no one to distract you, not even your phone then you will see that slowly you will gather more energy and momentum. You will be able to focus on your work in a proper way and you will get things done within no time. The work which took hours of your time will now be completed in minutes because you will be able to crack the problem and solve it faster now with a concentrated mind.

When you focus on your breath you go beyond your body and experience something which is much beyond your expectation. It is very important that we concentrate our energies in the right direction. It is very easy to get distracted but when we try and make 100 % effort to focus than things do work. You will hear all spiritual gurus talking about concentration and its importance to move ahead in life. Nowadays these gurus are on the rise because people are so much distracted with their surroundings and everything which happens in their life that they forget their smile and put on stress. Then these spiritual teachers give pravachans on how to concentrate our life energies on good things happening in our life and move our thoughts away from situations which are much beyond our control. Concentration is something which will help you move ahead in every aspect of life be it big or small. You cannot achieve anything with a distracted mind. You may get titbits of success today or tomorrow with a distracted mind but with a concentrated mind, you guarantee your success every time. Even if you get unsuccessful in the short run, with a dedicated focused approach you are destined for success which will last for a lifetime because then it will be ingrained within you. You will know the parameters which are necessary for you to get successful. When you give undivided attention to whatever you are doing you develop awareness and clarity of thinking which helps you in getting detailed information which helps you in receiving all the signals properly. You will be able to make out why some of your plans are not working and what needs to be done so that you can make them work.

Without focus you will not be able to achieve whatever you want to, it is only when you sit down and make a proper plan that you will be able to figure out what to do next. If you keep checking your phone too often or talk to people all the time then how do you concentrate your energies on your work or the stuff you are doing. You have to set aside time when you will talk to people, check your phone, email, etc and the amount of time you will spend just with yourself and your work. When you allot your time properly you will see that things will start working in your favor. You will start getting feedback from people for your extraordinary and dedicated work which you have put forward and it will get appreciated by everyone around you. It is very important that you put forward your best work and leave the rest on God. when you put your best foot ahead others things will happen, you don’t have to care about rest of the things. When you concentrate your energies and try to make something a success the whole universe just bends down and helps you in getting successful in whatever you are doing. Do not lose hope and do not lose your heart if something is not working in your favor right now, you just try your best and be sure that tomorrow will be better than today when your work will get recognition.

Keep upgrading yourself so that you are armed with current knowledge so that when you put forward a concentrated effort you are bound to get successful. Keep persisting and do not get distracted with little failures in life because they are part of life. You just focus on what you want and you will see that everything will fall in the right place at the right time and something good will emerge out of the work which you are doing. Distraction kills creativity because you will think of a thousand ways and still you will not be able to implement anyone because your energies are not concentrated. It is better to focus and move ahead with a dedicated effort so that you do not repent later that only if you would have worked harder your life would have been better. It is better to put forward your good focused work now so that you do not have to cry later. When you look back at your past from your present you should feel satisfied that you did your best. Write your own success story with a well-focused approach because distraction will not lead you anywhere.

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