Law of Attraction works - Question in your head?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2021-12-22 17:23
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This question arose in my mind today. I don’t know about the whole world but the only thing I know is that I am a simple girl with lots of simplicity in my life and that is the only reason my God loves me a lot. I don’t know why people run after wrong things in life when they can live their best life even after doing the right things and earning the right way. When you question whether the Law of Attraction works or not just check your manifestations and you will get your answer. It is a universal law that is tried and tested and it has to work. Don’t question the law but check your intentions because it is very important for you to set the right intentions and be very specific about what you want in your life. When you are 100% accurate about what you want in your life the universe will deliver you what you have asked for because the law works. You don’t have to bother about how things will happen but it has to happen. You can’t understand the working of the universe nor can you understand how your manifestation will show up in your life. Don’t attach yourself too much to your manifestation. Just live your life and try to be the best version of yourself every single day and see what happens. If the thing which you desire is meant to be in your life then the universe has no other option but to deliver.

How the universe will deliver what you have asked for is not your problem. You just keep the faith and do your good work. The universe is made up of energy and this energy field is constantly in vibration. When you match the vibration of your desires the thing which you have asked for will show up because it has to. Take hold of a paper and write down your intentions very clearly even if it seems impossible. After you have written down your wishes perfectly having a clear picture of what you want in your life then you have to start with the visualization process. In the visualization process, you have to picture the future version of yourself possessing what you have asked for and living that dream life. I know it is sometimes difficult when the thing which you have asked for is very different from all the things you have desired in the past but with faith, lots of things can happen. Remember Hanuman Ji wanted to meet Ram Ji and took his name every day. It so happened that one day Ram Ji actually came to meet him while he was searching for someplace and came to enquire Hanuman Ji about the road map. It is not just God’s but we human beings too who can make everything that has been visioned on paper into a living reality. Just keep the faith and put your right energy into the universe with a pure heart.

This universe is a big genie and will catch your vibration to deliver exactly what you have asked for. I did not work on the Law of Attraction before 2016. I accepted everything which was sent by the universe in my life. It is only when my life fell apart in the year 2017 that I started working on it so that I could manifest the life of my dreams. It is true I don’t understand many things but I have full faith in the universe that it with deliver with 100% accuracy what I have asked for. Get spiritual so that you cleanse your soul which is invisible and you manifest with full precision. Don’t doubt the law and your capability to manifest what you have asked for. Even if you have asked for something which seems impossible to everyone but possible to you just go ahead and ask for it. It is between you and the universe with no one in between so just go out to work and manifest the life of your dreams. People have manifested a dream life by working on this simple law. It will guide you step by step which will lead you to the place you are meant to be. Even when you can’t see what next just trust yourself, your journey, and the process. Keep walking because when you stop you are saying a big “Yes” to the past which did not serve you.

Even when you don’t understand anything just trust the process. Do you think that great scientists like Einstein, Newton, or Tesla knew what to do next? They just visualized what they wanted to happen in their life. Lived with that picture in their head to the extent that the universe had no other option but to give them direction and show the right path because that is the amount of dedication they put forward in their dreams and goals. When you are single-mindedly focused on what you want then your manifestation itself guides you to your destination. You get to choose and don’t waver your choices very often. You don’t have any idea how the divine realm works and it is much more powerful than your thoughts and dreams. The invisible world is much more powerful than the visible world. The entire universe works on intentions. Now let me add a spiritual angle to everything which I am discussing. If you are someone who is very spiritual and has worked hard on your spirituality to the extent that you had various divine experiences then the universe will behave differently with you. This universe is nothing but energy, frequency, and vibration. If you are regularly doing meditation and yoga then it sets you on a high-level vibration. If you have asked for something and not yet manifested it in your life and feel that you have waited much more than usual, it simply means that the universe is still working hard on your manifestation. It may so happen that you receive everything which you have asked for all of a sudden.

Visualize your dream life and live it in your head to the point that your vibration matches ith your manifestation. When this happens you will get your desired outcome. It is not a theory but a reality. Have a pure heart and a clear mind. Everything will fall in the right place on divine time. Have faith that you cannot manifest wrong things in your life because the universe works with precision. You can also write your desires and place them in the hands of the creator and ask him for the right direction. When you are manifesting your soulmate or life partner and you are very specific of all the qualities which you want then you put that vibration into the universe which sets into motion. The divine genie starts working and brings that one person in your life who will become your future life partner. Feels like a fairytale right but it is true. You just have to have blind faith in the universe and trust them and walk on the path. Have faith that the right things will happen with you at the right time.

I have worked very hard on my spirituality because I have to do very specific work in this world. I really don’t know how but I trust the universe blindly. I know the invisible divine realm will guide me through my entire journey so that I can complete the task which I am assigned in this lifetime and leave mother earth. I don’t have any idea of the intricacies but I have full faith in the invisible realm which I cannot see that even when I can’t visualize the entire journey in my head I will receive specific guidance. When you are about to receive what you have asked for you will receive messages from the universe in the form of synchronicities. When you reach very close to your manifestation then the synchronicities will show up very often. Receive your gift and live your dream life. Just trust the process even when you don’t know what is next or can’t see any signs of your gift. It may so happen that your manifestation may show up in your life all of a sudden out of nowhere like a blue moon which happens once in a while.

Law of Attraction is governed by Law of Vibration. Match your vibration with everything that you want to manifest in your life and that cute genie will show up for you every time you put your desires into the universe. Get rid of anger, hatred, and jealousy and live your dream life.

Be Happy and don’t be too attached to the outcome. See what happens. Only one life to Live. Live it. Always remember with God everything is possible.

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