Just Try One more Time before you Give Up on Yourself and Others

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-05-27 18:15
Try Again

When you are fed up and frustrated, you cannot see any solutions around the corner, you just want to give up and feel it's over, your constant failures have disheartened you, you see no point in doing anything, your life seems meaningless then just try one more time. This is life and when there is life there are bound to be challenges. You always have two options before you, either you fight with the problem or you just run away from the problem. When you feel frustrated and want to give up because you have tried enough and you do not see any point in trying again then try one more time. It may so happen that the solution may be near but you gave up when you were nearing 90% solution then try once more so that this time you get 100% solution and you are successful. When life knocks you down, again and again, you ask God why me, you do not get any answers, the thing which you were doing has failed and you are on the brink of giving up, just try one more time. When you get too serious about life it gets difficult but when you feel Ok with the ups and downs of life then you do not attach any consequence to your heart, you just live your life with fun and any misery does not pain you much because you know it is a part of life. Both pleasure and pain will be there in life. It can never be always good or always bad but there will be a mixture of both good and bad.

Why do you cry so much even when you lose there is something which always remains, you check that how much you can build with the leftover something rather than running after the part which is lost. The lost part cannot be recovered be it relationships or people who have left your life. It is their decision whether they want to be in your life or not. You cannot force someone to be in your life just because you love them a lot and want them to be in your life. Just accept and move on but yes when you feel the part which is lost is the part without which your life will get difficult than just try one more time. What’s the harm in trying. Do not carry a big ego and there is no harm in asking the person again they might change their mind. It’s life, just do your duty and leave the rest on God. Do not give up too easily on yourself and others. If you are frustrated and you cannot figure out a solution, you tried hard but there was no positive outcome then just keep calm and instead of focusing on quitting you focus on trying again. Try joining all the broken pieces, have enough courage to try again, gather all your power and try one last time with full force so that there is no looking back and you will see that you will be successful, you will get what you wanted, you will get what you desired. Only sky is the limit, there are no limitations in life. If there is someone who is standing in between you and your success is you yourself who has closed his thinking and can’t find a solution. When you open your mind to various possibilities you will see that things actually happen and they will start coming one by one.

There is no one who is stopping you from doing something or making your own decisions, it is you yourself who gets convinced that there is no point in trying anymore and let's give up. Who decides when you should give up? Who decides that there will be no positive outcome? Who comes to the conclusion that it’s all over? I would say it is you who decides when to give up, decides whether the outcome will be positive or negative and concludes that it is all over and there is no point in wasting more time on doing your work then just try one more time and see whether things works or not. Trying things “Just one more time” is not that all easy because when you see all paths being blocked for you and you have reached the peak of your frustration, you cannot try anymore, you have lost all your money then just try for one time and you never know things may work. You will see a miracle happening in your life. Your grit, your determination, and your perseverance will yield results in your life and I bet you your life will change for the better. Even when you are a failure you will see that you are a different human being and all the lessons you have learned will help you in working on something else in a much better way. You will not commit the same mistakes twice and now you are bound to be successful.

At the end of the day you have to answer yourself, if you are continuously failing at something then there is a lack of effort from your side and when you put your full effort and learned lessons from previous failures you are bound to be successful because now no one stops you. You have become a burning ball of fire which has the fire to light others motivation. Before you reach your grave you have to complete all unfinished business and to do that you have to try one more time so that you forgive yourself and others. Just try one more time to fix that broken relationship which was lying dormant for years, it may be that your first step after so many years can make a difference and you will be able to die in peace. Do not carry hard feelings for anyone. Just try one more time to mend that broken relationship, why to carry so many grudges, God gave this small life to live and let others live then why do you need to complicate matters. Just go and give a try. Tough tasks need boldness, Perseverance and lots of courage to do it but then if you have it in you, you can surely do it. What's wrong in trying, we pray to God every day even when he does not fulfills our wishes, we pray to God again and there is no stopping then why to give up, just try once more.

Did you ever think if your parents would have lost their patience on you things would have been completely different, just because they did not give up on you, you are a talented person who has got all good qualities. They tried for one time to mend your bad habits so that you can transform into a good individual. The problem with most of us is that we give up when problems reach till our neck and we cannot take it anymore. When you are in that situation just try once more and then call it a day. Accept the outcome and be happy that you did not quit easily, you tried even when it was most difficult. Pat your back and be happy you tried. You were the real warrior who did not leave the battlefield in the middle but fought till the end with all the injuries, till the last breath.

Try Try and don’t cry.

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